NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I want to share more videos here on the blog and add more stories along with them.

Growing up, I like to surround myself with friends. I was always excited to go to school. To the point that if I missed even a day of school, I feel miserable. I feel like there’s a lot of things going on in a day and if I’ll be absent, I have a lot of things to catch up with.

Maybe it was just a fear-of-missing-out feeling. I had that fear until I was in college. It was a feeling that stuck to me for so long! I had a lot of practice to shake that off.
Happy to say that today, MOST of the time, I do not give a damn. Haha.

Since I am a girl, I had a lot of my friends that are girls. I was a sassy girl growing up. Back then, my wavelength was so much inflow with girls.

But now, spending time here in my hometown, I realized that I am constantly surrounded by boys. The total opposite of what I had in highschool. Which is completely okay. I am not complaining.

To be honest, I really enjoyed the time spending with them. No dramas, more fun, and super chill.

For example, the time we went to Cagwait white beach. Here’s what happened.

So one of my friends called me at 9 in the morning. Too early for a night owl like me to wake up. He told me that we will be going to the beach. Of course, I said yes with my eyes half-open.

I am the type of person who always says yes to adventures… or anything that feels right, to be honest!

I packed my bags, fixed myself a bit, and went on the go.

The fact that they already prepared everything was very pleasant. All I need to do was to be present.

It was an amazing day. The weather was perfect.

One of my friends brought his wife and his super cute 2-year old daughter. Others brought their girlfriends.

It was really fun catching up and talking about things that make sense and things that do not make sense. Haha.

I know that we are all grown up but sometimes, it feels like high school all over again when I’m with them.

After our beach day, they even drop me off to my Lola’s house where my family is waiting for me for dinner.

Having a lot of boy friends is super fun. They do not treat me like a lady (they think I am a boy just like them) but they are always super caring. That’s the kind of friendship we have and I will always be thankful.