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Just this year, I told myself to commit to making good habits. One of these is not using straws. I know that it is bad for the environment, and it is totally useless, and obviously human beings can live without it. But half a year later, I am still struggling and failing to commit to give up plastic straw. But every time I saw my friend posts on how she did it every single day in instagram, she inspired me to strive and push myself more.My boyfriend, gave me this idea to interview her in my blog and to…


Last June 24, I attended “Learn how to “have some FUNds” with Sun Life Financial” at the Ayala Center.Spectrum “partypreneur” and Rhipstop CEO Kaz Onozawa, architect and Blind Clothing owner Kathrynn Dawn Sy, and Sugbo Mercado partner and marketing and communications manager Karlo Lim discussed these talks’ topics “Money after graduation”, “Girls just wanna have funds” & “Money under 30”.They share their unique stories involving success, managing their money and tips on how having an insurance is an advantage and not a burden to young professionals. To complement their stories, Sun Life Trainer Danah Mae Latonio, and Sun…


“You’re selfish”


“You’re selfish”A statement that we can easily throw to someone we know or we barely know.I asked myself “Why?”Why people say that, and why I say that to other people as well.Assessing myself, I think it’s because of heightened emotions and words that were just coming out of our mouth like an unstoppable train.A lot of people told me the same statement a hundred times and I always answer them with “Yes, I am.”I’m blessed that I am surrounded with people who love me, who encourage me, support me in everything…


It was my first time to try solo travel, I’ve been saying it a couple of times that it was one of the most amazing experience I ever had.I volunteered to teach English in a Homestay in Hanoi, Vietnam. During my stay, I met a lot of wonderful people in just that short span of time. Because of them, Vietnam will always have a special place in my heart.Another thing that I always say in my travels is that, it’s the people that makes my travel more incredible. Whenever I try to recall a place, it…


My first time traveling solo was an extraordinary event in my life. It made me more confident with myself and I want to experience it again.I have a post where girls from different parts of the world talk about traveling solo while in a relationship. Another post is about girls traveling solo while married.If you can relate to these girls, I hope you can read the article. They are such an inspiration and I hope that they can inspire other girls to travel solo.I said it before, traveling solo is an experience that is liberating, exciting…


The moment I started college, I wanted to document my experiences growing up, how it’s like living miles away from home, experiencing things for the first time and everything I do as a college student. I knew that it was a new chapter of my life and documenting it will be memorable and fun.I have been keeping journals since I was 16 years old. I write every day, 365 days a year. No misses.I’m not quite sure why I like to write. I don’t like the subject English, my grammar is not good, my vocabulary…


Reminiscing my first visitI remember the first time I visited Bantayan Island.I was 16, and about to enter college. I took the university’s entrance exam and the school’s administration office said that the result will be revealed after a week. We needed to wait so that I could enroll to the university. During that time, we stayed in my Aunt’s house, she is Mama’s first cousin. While waiting for the result, they decided to go to Bantayan Island, where my grandfather was born.I actually had no idea about the island back then. I…


I always believed that in order to grow, we have to experience things on our own. Having our own space means we can decide, execute and reflect about our own actions. And by that, it can lead to a better version of ourselves.I already shared with you some girls all over the world who travel solo for while being in a relationship. I learned a lot from them, but I also wondered if there are women who travel solo while married. And I am glad to find some of those strong independent women.Here are some of their experiences…


Traveling is one of the most liberating things to do. No matter what kind of traveler we are, we can experience different situations, and from that, we can tell different stories to other people.I experienced different versions of being a traveler. It all started one summer at a time in my homeland, Mindanao, as a family travel. Then college came, group of friends started to explore the nearby towns in Cebu. After college, I experienced traveling with strangers in a boat for four days and three nights on an island hoping in Leyte. And recently, I experienced traveling alone…


“No man is an island”A common phrase we are all familiar. But do we know what it really means?According to science, humans need other humans in order to survive. Most importantly, to remain sane. We can go crazy without talking or seeing another human being. This is very true. Humans need community, for them to feel love, to connect and to feel they belong. This is why we all have that longing that we need to fit in. This is part of our human nature. So don’t be sad about that fact if you feel that way…