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Language is another way to know more about the culture. It is not just a way of good communication, but a great way to create a connection to other people. It is one of the easiest ways to break the boundary and widen the horizon.Well, that’s language. But let’s talk about people who are keen about it. Not just bilingual, but the multilingual. They are the polyglots. Have you met one? Are you one of them? If it’s not too personal to ask, have you dated one?Well let me tell you what I think about…


Back in 1937, the first ever International Eucharistic Congress in Asia was held in Manila, Philippines. After 79 years, IEC was held again in the heart of Philippines Archipelago, Cebu City.So what is this about?International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) is a gathering of catholic people to promote awareness of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist in the life and mission of the Catholic Church. It brings together people from all over the world to be involved with seven days activities; like talks, masses, Eucharistic adoration, processions and other devotional ceremonies.As a Catholic, I can’t really…


The First Step


It’s funny how a little doubt can stop us from doing something we want. Just a little nay, that can cause a long delay.  Just a little no that can hold us back and not to go.For a long time, I was listening to those little voices that hinder me to start my own blog, to buy a domain and start creating content that I will share with the world. I realized that those doubts created an idea that I can’t do this. The sad part is, I’m the one creating that idea into my own…