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Another Mermaid Tales that I want to share with you.This girl has been exposed to so many different cultures and environments, and she has grown a deeper appreciation for the environment. That’s why the focus of her blog is about Ethical Traveling. It will be about traveling with minimal impact, enjoying different cultures and allowing nature to blossom simultaneously.Get to know her advocacy. Read on!Tell us a bit about yourselfHi! My name is Nadia, I currently run a blog called Nomadic Nerd. I’m in love with travelling and exploring and I’m a huge…


Tell us a bit about yourself.I’m Paula, I used to think I was a sea turtle but since no one would believe me, I just became a Rebel Mermaid and Miss SCUBA International 2013 First Runner up. Kidding aside, I am a social enterprise & crypto enthusiast, community builder, and a public speaker.  A self-confessed tech geek, who is highly involved in the startup scene with years of experience in growing communities. Also, currently the Chapter Director for Startup Grind Cebu, Couchsurfing Manila moderator, a 2030 Youth Force of the Philippines Representative for Central Visayas, a Climate…


Just this year, I told myself to commit to making good habits. One of these is not using straws. I know that it is bad for the environment, and it is totally useless, and obviously human beings can live without it. But half a year later, I am still struggling and failing to commit to give up plastic straw. But every time I saw my friend posts on how she did it every single day in instagram, she inspired me to strive and push myself more.My boyfriend, gave me this idea to interview her in my blog and to…


It was my first time to try solo travel, I’ve been saying it a couple of times that it was one of the most amazing experience I ever had.I volunteered to teach English in a Homestay in Hanoi, Vietnam. During my stay, I met a lot of wonderful people in just that short span of time. Because of them, Vietnam will always have a special place in my heart.Another thing that I always say in my travels is that, it’s the people that makes my travel more incredible. Whenever I try to recall a place, it…


Reminiscing my first visitI remember the first time I visited Bantayan Island.I was 16, and about to enter college. I took the university’s entrance exam and the school’s administration office said that the result will be revealed after a week. We needed to wait so that I could enroll to the university. During that time, we stayed in my Aunt’s house, she is Mama’s first cousin. While waiting for the result, they decided to go to Bantayan Island, where my grandfather was born.I actually had no idea about the island back then. I…


I always believed that in order to grow, we have to experience things on our own. Having our own space means we can decide, execute and reflect about our own actions. And by that, it can lead to a better version of ourselves.I already shared with you some girls all over the world who travel solo for while being in a relationship. I learned a lot from them, but I also wondered if there are women who travel solo while married. And I am glad to find some of those strong independent women.Here are some of their experiences…


“No man is an island”A common phrase we are all familiar. But do we know what it really means?According to science, humans need other humans in order to survive. Most importantly, to remain sane. We can go crazy without talking or seeing another human being. This is very true. Humans need community, for them to feel love, to connect and to feel they belong. This is why we all have that longing that we need to fit in. This is part of our human nature. So don’t be sad about that fact if you feel that way…


It was my first time to try solo travel and it was one of the best things ever happened to me. I was really happy because my boyfriend supported me all the way. He wanted me to try Solo Travel, which I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. And though it was a quick getaway to figure out what I really want in life, it was an amazing experience.While travelling, I met a lot of people who wondered why I’m travelling alone while in a relationship. I think for them it is more fun to…


Weekend Mate from Shanghai, China


The world is too big, yet at the same time so small. Isn’t it ironic? Or this is just what technology (or I must say the internet) is all about. To make us connect easily to other people. But sometimes, it made us more attached to our social media life than our real lives. I can’t blame you, sometimes I fall into that hole and just post good things in my social media accounts to make my life more interesting. This is the truth that I lately realized; my life is actually more interesting than how I showed…


I’m not an expert on dating games but I know a little about this department. Knowing means I did some dates before, not often though. But I would like to share some thoughts about first dates. It is a crucial step for both sides since it depends on it if you’ll have a second or a third date. And to make it more special most men over do it or under do it. They mostly think of ways what most women would like to do. So boys, to break what you normally think, girls are not all the…