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The Shape of Circle


I like the shape of circle now.I like it for many reasons, but most importantly I like it because it reminds me of you.I like how round your eyes are. Those brown eyes lead me to you even before you introduced yourself. I like it even better because I can see your emotions from those, and I like it when they shimmer when we talk.I like your nostrils that are shaped like small circles. When you sniff and smell my hair, my face, not to mention my underarms. It tickles me and it makes me comfortable with…


Growing up as a Catholic, I always hear the phrase “Spread the word of God”. Back then, it was just a phrase for me that I usually use in making my reflection for the Sunday Mass in High school. An assignment I need to pass and to conclude everything in my writing, I shamefully addressed it as a simple action. And here I am embarrassed of what I did in my teenage phase. With this in mind, I come to think how the apostles did it. It’s amazing how they lack transportation, yet they were able to give catechism…


Language is another way to know more about the culture. It is not just a way of good communication, but a great way to create a connection to other people. It is one of the easiest ways to break the boundary and widen the horizon.Well, that’s language. But let’s talk about people who are keen about it. Not just bilingual, but the multilingual. They are the polyglots. Have you met one? Are you one of them? If it’s not too personal to ask, have you dated one?Well let me tell you what I think about…