I want to add this series here in my blog where I share my life audit in a quarterly review basis.

Honestly, I am very hesitant to share this because it might be too personal. But I realized that I love reading and learning from other people’s lives and experiences because I get a chance to see other perspectives and evaluate my own perspective at the same time. So here I am sharing these personal moments and learnings with you!

Here’s how I do my End of the Quarter Review.

I am using the 4L retrospective.

The 4Ls stand for Liked, Learned, Lacked, and Longed For. This is a brainstorming technique used by teams to review their progress and journey including identifying ways to improve moving forward. It is initially developed by Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener.

It was created for teams, but we can use it individually if we want to develop our ways to reach our goals and plans for this year. Just like I am doing now.

What I like about this is…… it is easy to brainstorm, create ideas, and jot down the things I need to improve. The questions are extremely easy to understand and since this is a personal quarterly review. There is no correct or wrong way to do it.

My 1st Quarter Review


What did I enjoy most this quarter? What went better than expected? It is important to emphasize the positive.

  • I manage to create weekly blogs for the C3 challenge– with no missed!
  • Film tons of video content for YT channel and started posting consistently. I enjoyed it a lot!
  • Safely went back to Cebu City with no Covid-19. Super grateful to be healthy.
  • Explored nearby gems in my province with my family. I did create a lot of content from our adventures and I liked that a lot!
  • Get together with my hometown friends. I’m really happy that we reconnected and made new memories together.
  • Potato, egg, and cheese – the easiest and the best brunch meal. I am currently obsessed with this!
  • Japanese egg sandwich – also I’ve been making this sandwich for breakfast!
  • Double dates on the weekends. Sometimes with my sister and her boyfriend. Mostly with my best friend and her boyfriend.


What new things did I learn this quarter? 

  • I learned that I am motivated to do things when I have a reward, for example, the C3 challenge. We paid a registration fee to enter the challenge. I survived the challenge and I earned my money back and got more than what I paid for from the last year’s 18 weeks challenge. Now, we will be going to create 50 weeks of content! I’m excited to challenge myself and see if I can survive it.
  • It is very difficult to travel now. We have so many requirements going to Cebu City. When we arrived at the airport, no one checked our requirements. I can’t believe we did so much effort to obtain the requirements. But I guess, it is better that we were prepared if anything comes up. I learned to be patient and to follow the rules no matter what.
  • I learned to appreciate my relationship with my boyfriend even more. 6 months of long-distance relationship was not easy….but it was not as hard as I thought it was as well. However, it did affect our relationship, it made us stronger. We managed to get back easily where we left things off. I am truly grateful for the relationship that we have.
  • I learned that I do enjoy filming and editing videos so much. I can’t believe that I always set these tasks all the time. I should do more things that make me excite like creating more youtube videos.
  • I learned about NOTION. And so far, I am very excited about how this will change my productivity, habits, and my entire life’s system. Hoping for the best!


What did I lack during this period? What could I have done better this quarter?

  • I lacked a really good planning system. When we were preparing for our departure to Cebu City. My work and life were all over the place. My work-related stuff was a mess because I was too distracted with all the paper works we need.
  • I lacked confidence when filming in public, especially when I am talking in front of the camera. I think I need to do it more to be more comfortable. If I do not want to talk, then I should film more brolls or scenes! Hehe.


What do I wish existed, available, or was possible to make this quarter run smoother?

  • Notion – keeping all organized and smooth. Planning to put ALL my life in here! Wish me luck.
  • New phone – I’ve been using my iPhone 6s for 6 years now. I know for sure that I need a new phone, but I need to focus more on my priorities such as doubling my emergency fund. This will help me lessen my anxiety.

P.S. I’m using Notion for my yearly planning where my End of Quarter Review is. Watch this Notion Tour by Jules Acree. I got the Yearly Planning Template from her as well.

Let me know if you do End of Quarter Review too! If yes, how do you do it?