It is time for the 2nd Queater Review.

I have shared that I wanted to do this blog series this year.

If you haven’t checked my 1st Quarter Review, you can read it here.

Here’s how I do my End of the Quarter Review.

I am using the 4L retrospective.

The 4Ls stand for Liked, Learned, Lacked, and Longed For. This is a brainstorming technique used by teams to review their progress and journey including identifying ways to improve moving forward. It is initially developed by Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener.

It was created for teams, but we can use it individually if we want to develop ways to reach our goals and plans for this year. Just like I am doing now.

What I like about this is…… it is easy to brainstorm, create ideas, and jot down the things I need to improve. The questions are extremely easy to understand and since this is a personal quarterly review. There is no correct or wrong way to do it.

My 1st Quarter Review


What did I enjoy most this quarter? What went better than expected? It is important to emphasize the positive.

  • Camotes Island getaway – First getaway in Cebu since I got back.
  • Spartan Trail Hike – First Hike this year
  • Finally had the time to catch up close friends after not seeing most of them since the pandemic hit the Philippines.


What new things did I learn this quarter? 

  • I learned to appreciate my body. Honestly, I am a bit upset that I am gaining weight after I move back here in Cebu City. But, our Spartan Trail Hike made me appreciate my body. It was a difficult hike (8 hours in total) and I am very thankful to my body, it never gave up! I pushed my body too hard that day, that I can’t even walk properly for days! Then again, I thank my body for finishing the hike.
  • I learned to diversify more my investments. I want to invest in mutual funds so I started investing in G-invest and I opened Pag-ibig MP2 Savings Program this quarter as well!
  • I learned to appreciate more the people I have in my life. Through simple gestures, simple thoughtful greetings, and just random check ins. I feel so happy I have all of these close friends, and beautiful family. Always grateful to have them.
  • I learned that I still love connecting and meeting new people. They help me widen my perspective in life and in their own little ways. Whether I am concious about it or not, I feel like they are adding value in my life.
  • Life is too short. My boyfriend’s teacher and also a friend, died at the age of 50. It was a tragic moment and so sudden.


What did I lack during this period? What could I have done better this quarter?

  • I lacked of discipline when it comes to working. I have set up time and breaks when I am at work but most of the time I do not follow it. I overworked, I am stressed, and I feel like I am not taking care of my health as much as I have too especially during this pandemic. I need to put more effort to it. I even didn’t started a work our this month which is part of my priority for April!
  • I feel so overwhelm when I see my to-do list. I feel like it helps me see the things I need to prioritize but I can’t help to feel so overwhelm that it leads to procrastination. I need to avoid this. My solution is to take small steps and breakdown the tasks into small pieces so I can overcome them one by one.
  • This is my first time doing this yearly planning and I feel like, I am not targeting my monthly priority each month. I need to REALLY focus on my priority list so I can do thing more effective and achieve my goals one at a time!
  • June was such a busy month. I hope I had more time to do things I enjoy such as journaling, editing my own vlogs, and just organizing and adding more value to my daily life other than working.


What do I wish existed, available, or was possible to make this quarter run smoother?

  • Time management – as much I am doing all the things I am doing right now such as calendar blocking, and to-do list. I really need to put more effort to time management and follow it religously!
  • Better Internet connection – I have this project where I need to transfer a course from one platform to another and honestly, it took longer time that expected!

Let me know if you do End of Quarter Review too! If yes, how do you do it?