When I was in my hometown, my family and I watch our travel vlogs together. It was so fun to reminisce and to watch our adventures in moving motion…like a visual diary. Then and there, I realized that I want that, I want to look back on something, I want to rewatch beautiful memories again and again if I want to, not just by capturing a photo but also recording it…if I can.

It is actually more fun to look back on those memories if I have someone to share them with. And so I decided to make more of it and share it with the world.

The truth is, since we had our first digital camera when I was 14, you will always see me with a camera in my hand. I am not a good photographer but I enjoy capturing moments. May it be candid or staged. I just love taking photos!

I even provided more than half of the photos in my high school yearbook. Hahaha.

I also have an external hard drive (with a copy) with all my photos from 2007 until now. All organized by date! Some of these photos are for keeps and some are moments I want to share here on my blog, and social media accounts especially on my Instagram @theficklefeet.

So here are some of my latest vlogs about my simple events in my life that I want to share with you. These are just ordinary moments, but I find it really fun to film and edit.

I think doing these vlogs is my way of expressing my creativity. I find it a bit difficult to get inspired by this new way of life. With no travels and exciting things to do, I am running in circles with my daily routines and burying my time by doing more work than I couldn’t even handle.

Having something to do for fun while living this slow and steady life is something I am happy to make. I feel grateful and I know that this is exactly what I need.

Let’s make the most out of this slow-paced life. I hope you are enjoying and finding things you like to do as well.

You can just keep those things to yourself or share them with the world. It’s up to you.

So what are simple things in your life that you want to keep and share?