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I don’t search a lot about the must try foods in a specific place, but I realized that food is also an adventure every curious mind should take. It says a lot about one’s culture and I want to experience and discover that in my travels.I might not be a foodie, but like everyone else I also enjoy food! We all know we can’t really say no to food and that’s why for me, food is also something to be explored when visiting a specific place.Travel gives me an opportunity to try things I…


When I think about first international travel, over preparation comes in my mind. It’s because the excitement and curiosity collides when it’s our first time to try new things. But for me who tends to forget little details, it’s totally obvious that during my first time abroad, I still get some lapses and oops during the preparation phase.These lapses and oops are actually not helpful. I was annoyed, stressed and I wasted my time because I did not manage to do a little search on my side. Laziness has its own downside I tell you. But…

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Hong Kong Vlog!

hong-kong-vlog really don’t know how to introduce Hong Kong in this blog, or how I will share my whole experience. The first idea that pops in my mind is to share our itinerary and put some details with it. However, we did create one, but we didn’t follow it. Haha. Our tour was such a mess because we just stroll around and go wherever we want to and just get lost and explore with the help of google maps. For me, it was actually better exploring Hong Kong freely and try…