Will I still be able to chase my dreams?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.

Having too much time in my hands and not being able to chase my dreams because of the current global crisis we have is such a bummer. I know that it affected ALL of us in different ways, and this is just me sharing a bit of a vulnerable piece of my life about how this pandemic affected my dreams to travel the world.

You see, I love to travel.

Because of travel, I created this blog.
Because of travel, I quit my corporate job and start freelancing.
Because of travel, I dream about crazy things that my 15-year-old self couldn’t even imagine.

I have never been too far compared to others, but I believe, my love of travel is not just about how far I can get or how many destinations I can visit. It is far beyond that. It is the experience of not knowing a certain place and learning about it at the same. It is about the experience of meeting new people who bring a new perspective into my life. It is about experiencing a different culture and learning deeply about my culture as well. It is about trying new cuisine and learning the history of food. Simply, it is just being in awe about life.

Travel for me when I was young

Growing up, travel for me was an exciting thing because I know my family and I are going to see my relatives. It was an activity to see familiar faces. It is not a thing for me to explore and discover new things, like how it is now to me.

Back then, the only thing that could wake me up early in the morning was when we are about to travel. I still remember vividly, when I was young at the house that we rented before, my mom wakes us up at dawn saying we are going to Butuan (4 hours away from my hometown Tandag). We are all excited because we are going to travel! BUT the truth is, we are moving to our now permanent house. HAHAHA. It was a trick my mom used and until this day, I can’t sleep when I know I am going to travel.

2020 plans that happened

Before that pandemic hit the world, I had so much plan on how to spend my 2020. The funny thing is, my first (supposedly) travel for 2020 was a 2-week trip to CHINA. Hahaha. Obviously, that was canceled. There was a trip with my childhood friends to Taiwan, and a month-long trip to Bali as well. Other than that, I was dedicated to save and spend all of my savings to go to Spain and live there for at least 6 months while studying Spanish. All of those 2020 plans never happened.

Will those things going to happen?

And now, I ask myself again. Will those things going to happen?

To spend 6 months in Spain.
To travel solo in X, Y, Z countries.
To spend a year exploring South America.
I have an endless list.
Will I still have the privilege to chase those dreams?

Because honestly, this slow-paced life made me take a pause and maybe change the course of my dreams. And frankly, I do not mind.

I might be dreaming of a stable, less exciting life as I want it to be.
I might change that later as well. Honestly, no one knows! And for me, that is an exciting part of living, of dreaming. No matter how we plan it, there are always surprise and uncontrollable things on our way.

I know for sure that travel will always be part of my life. I should not just label my dreams into one category because I am a dreamer and wild dreams don’t scare me at all.

I will still dream. I will still choose to learn more about myself, about life. I will still take the path of life no matter where it takes me.

May we always have hope that life is in our favor.
May we always persevere and work hard to make that dreams come true.
No matter what dreams we may want. May we always choose to chase our dreams no matter what.