I keep on hearing these words lately from my friends. They keep on telling me “You’ve changed.”

I always respond with a big YES.

It is a bit odd (and to be honest a bit funny) for me why they keep on saying it.
Are we not supposed to change?

I think, most of them only see the ‘gap’ of the change they are referring to. The gap between the Roneth they once knew and the Roneth they see today.

But for me, the change was not drastic. The change was subtle and slow. The change was my everyday decision to choose what I want and what works best for me.

The change was gradual.

I did a lot of practice to reach the decisiveness of choosing the things that make me comfortable and the things that I believe will help me to be the person I want to be in the future.

And yes, I’ve changed.

I used to think that those words (“You’ve Changed”) were a bit confusing, but as I keep on hearing them, those words actually help me to keep on reflecting on why I need to change. Why the change was necessary.

Thinking about what I was like when I was a teen or in my early 20s is like riding a roller coaster ride with flashes of me with the perspective I have back then. It is fun to recall the girl I was before and the girl who helps me to be the person I am now.

I am grateful for the different versions of me. I am happy that I explored and dive deep to know myself better. I admired myself to face all of my insecurities and to have the courage to silently fight the battles within me.

So for those, who keep on saying ‘You’ve Changed’.
I want to tell you that yes, I’ve changed and I am constantly evolving.

I think we should always choose to keep on changing, to keep finding the meaning of life, to search for the happiness we long for, and to just keep on changing for the better.

So for you who are reading this, we should not want to stay the same. Let’s keep on evolving.