Hello! Welcome to The Fickle Feet!

The Fickle Feet is a place where I share my experiences about my travels, whether it’s about the place, the people or misadventures. So basically this is more about my personal experience as a traveler and how it’s like to follow my own curiosity.  You might worry that this is just a blabber space (actually it is created to be one) but, I will share to you my tips, guides, itinerary and how-tos in each destination I embarked. Just in case I will fail to give you the latter, let just share our own unique story. Okay?

Who is behind this?

Glad you asked!

Hello! I’m Roneth Politud, born and raised in Tandag City, Philippines. So what’s my story? Since I was a little girl, my family always goes on a road trip during summer. We explore Mindanao, one summer at a time, or in every chance we get. My parents were my best example that travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. I also get my spontaneousity from them.

And then college comes in.  At the age of 16, I moved and studied in the queen city of the south, Cebu City. Living in a new city was such an overwhelming and scary decision. However, this experience made me more independent and socially active. I learned a new way to travel. With groups, pair and alone. Exploring the city, then the nearby towns, and so on. This is an ongoing adventure.

Currently, I am doing some freelance job after I quit as an Associate Software Engineer last August 2017. It was a very brief and sudden decision, but I think I need that push to try my capabilities and explore the crazy world of freelance.

And oh! I just want to share with you that I have a love-hate relationship with my curiosity, the main reason why I do crazy stuff that results to good, sometimes bad.


Let’s be curious together. Let’s wander!

You can reach me through FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Or just email me here.

Let’s get in touch and share travel stories. Okay?