Cebu is an island that has it all!I personally enjoy historical sites and outdoor adventures in Cebu, but this island is not just a place for those who enjoy those things. It is also a place where you can enjoy it with your family.I want to share with you these adventure and theme parks that you can enjoy with your family and friends.These parks are great for kids and for adults who like to have a fun-filled day and experience different attractions with nature, animals, and tons of amusement rides.Pre-travel GuideFlights:Book your…


These are the steps and my personal experience on how to register as a Self-employed Freelancer.Please note that all of these transactions were made in Cebu City.FIRST STEP: Do Your ResearchIt is always a good practice to do your research before applying.In my experience, I searched online how to apply, and I read tons of blogs and personal experiences on how they did it. It helps to smoothen the process if you already have an idea of how the application will go.Another thing to consider is to ask your friends or family who registered…


Laswitan has been quickly popular with tourists traveling to Surigao del Sur.Laswitan is a 20-foot rock formation with three lagoons. The name derives from the word ‘laswit’ which means splash. When the water is high, it creates huge waves that will splash on the rocks and it creates a waterfall effect.Once you get at the entrance, vistors will have a quick briefing about some reminders for visiting Laswitan.Laswitan has three lagoons:Lagoon 1Visitors can swim but they are advised to be careful because there are sea urchins in the lagoon.Lagoon 2It is the…


Hanoi will always be special in my heart because it is the first destination I went to when I tried solo traveling. After I quit my job, I immediately book a flight to Hanoi to volunteer as an English Teacher. It was a very nice experience and hopefully, I can volunteer in Hanoi again, or maybe in other parts of Vietnam.So why travel to Hanoi?If you do not know this, the food in Vietnam is delicious. Almost (if not all) of their food has vegetables and herbs which makes the flavor very interesting and healthy. Pho and B…


When Iwas searching online on how to earn more, I stumbled into an article aboutfreelancing. I thought it was a great opportunity for me to start doing a sidehustle.Iwanted to try freelancing while I have a full-time job, but I was so tangledwith my busy corporate life that I didn’t have time to do it.To behonest, I was hooked into the idea of making money while working online in myown time.Eventually, I finally decided to quit my job, tried a couple of freelance gigs while being broke, applied…

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An Easy Guide to Wat Arun


Wat Arun Ratchavararam, also known as the Temple of Dawn is one of the famous attractions in Bangkok, Thailand.When we visited Bangkok, we had a tight schedule and the weather was not with us, it was raining on and off so we made some changes to our itinerary and we decided to visit only one temple and that was Wat Arun.Ithink we made a good decision to choose Wat Arun because it was affordable andbeautiful at the same time. Soif you’re going to visit Wat Arun Temple, here are some details that you…


I just had a vacation with my girlfriends and it was one of the most memorable trips I ever did.I think the most difficult part was getting the perfect time to make that vacation possible. That’s why after how many years of postponing, we were very happy that it finally happened.I never thought that spending time with my girlfriends made me realize a lot of things!Here are some of those realizations I had and hopefully these benefits will make you convinced to take that all-girls getaway with your mains!It is good for your feminine…


After so many months of not diving. I told my friends that I am not sure if I still know how to freedive.Like any other sports, you need to practice freediving to be better at it.There was a time when I had been doing freediving almost every week. Practicing my breathing, equalization, finning and reaching deeper and deeper. I love freediving and I enjoy it, but at that time I was not doing it to be a better freediver. I am doing freediving because I enjoy the company of my freediving friends. I always have a great time…


After planning (and postponing) for a couple of years, our girls trip with my college besties finally happened.We opt for Phuket because we all love going to the beach and I think it is a perfect vacation getaway for all of us. We also found out from our old messages that we wanted to go to Thailand together and indeed, it finally happened.Phuket has a lot to offer such as tons of island hopping, temple visiting, elephant sanctuary, crazy nightlife and so on. And since this trip was an all-girls trip, it was too fun not to…


Cebu has been my home away from home. I spent most of my adolescence years here in the City and I have to say that Cebu has a lot to offer, and also there’s more things to discover in this big old city.I want to share with you some of the historical sites and museums, that I enjoy exploring the city. This list has been our go-to places everytime we have visitors, or new friends, especially foreigners, who like to know more about Cebu’s culture and history.Historical Museum and  Spots to VisitMuseo Sugbo…