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9 Helpful Things To Do During Quarantine and Social Distancing (especially if you are a traveler and an extrovert)


We are in a pandemic situation and a lot of the countries in the world are in a lockdown doing quarantine and practicing social distancing.I think the most used words in 2020 are social distancing and quarantine.I’m currently in Cebu City, Philippines and we are in a community quarantine (I’m pretty sure it is a lockdown but in a different word). Personally, I’ve been social distancing and having a self-quarantine since March 16 when our governor announced that we are in a community quarantine. The only time I go out is when I NEED…

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An Easy 5 Step Guide on How to Register to BIR as a Self-Employed Freelancer


These are the steps and my personal experience on how to register to BIR as a Self-employed Freelancer.Please note that all of these transactions were made in Cebu City.FIRST STEP: Do Your ResearchIt is always a good practice to do your research before applying.In my experience, I searched online how to apply, and I read tons of blogs and personal experiences on how they did it. It helps to smoothen the process if you already have an idea of how the application will go.Another thing to consider is to ask your friends or family…

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5 Simple Steps on How to Start Freelancing for the Very First Time


When I was searching online on how to earn more, I stumbled into an article about how to start freelancing. I thought it was a great opportunity for me to start doing a side hustle.Iwanted to try freelancing while I have a full-time job, but I was so tangledwith my busy corporate life that I didn’t have time to do it.To behonest, I was hooked into the idea of making money while working online in myown time.Eventually, I finally decided to quit my job, tried a couple of freelance gigs while…

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Benefits Of Taking a Trip With Your Girlfriends


I just had a vacation with my girlfriends and it was one of the most memorable trips I ever did.I think the most difficult part was getting the perfect time to make that vacation possible. That’s why after how many years of postponing, we were very happy that it finally happened.I never thought that spending time with my girlfriends made me realize a lot of things!Here are some of those realizations I had and hopefully these benefits will make you convinced to take that all-girls getaway with your mains!It is good for your feminine…

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Freediving: Thoughts before and after descending into 22-meter deep with just one breath


After so many months of not diving. I told my friends that I am not sure if I still know how to freedive.Like any other sports, you need to practice freediving to be better at it.There was a time when I had been doing freediving almost every week. Practicing my breathing, equalization, finning and reaching deeper and deeper. I love freediving and I enjoy it, but at that time I was not doing it to be a better freediver. I am doing freediving because I enjoy the company of my freediving friends. I always have a great time…

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Why my thoughts are with Brenda?


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been exploring Mindanao with my parents one summer at a time, or as much as we can. We always make time to travel especially during school breaks when we are all free. I remember that last minute travel decision making was the most exciting thing to do. They are the reasons why I like traveling. My parents made it look so easy. We just go with a tight budget but always ended up completely happy with our vacation.And through our trips together as a family, I met Brenda.I was…

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Malapascua Island Ocean Clean Up with Litterless PH and Orca Freedivers Philippines


We started 2019 in a good way.My friends from Litterless PH and Orca Freedivers Philippines organized an Ocean Clean Up in Malaspascua Island, Cebu. It was a great way to start the new year and definitely a good way to make a small (or maybe big) impact to our environment.It is a cause that we all support and we believe in.Everyone was so hyped to participate in this Ocean Cleap Up!We teamed up with the government officials in Malapascua who were very supportive and they provided us a boat for transport and a place to spend…

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A Quick Travel Guide to Britania Group of Islands, Surigao del Sur


The last time I visited Britania group of islands was in 2013, when there was no tourist. Mostly, the visitors at that time were from Surigao del Sur like us, and from the nearby provinces.Fast forward from now, I visited the islets again and a lot has changed. From small boats to big island hopping boats, from no crowd to tons of people flocking in each island. I guess time flies really fast and I guess it is safe to say that news travels faster than time.So if you want to visit these islands, here’s a comprehensive…

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How my blog helped me find Online Jobs (+ Easy steps on how to start a blog)


The moment I started college, I wanted to document my experiences growing up, how it’s like living miles away from home, experiencing things for the first time and everything I do as a college student. I knew that it was a new chapter of my life and documenting it will be memorable and fun.I have been keeping journals since I was 16 years old. I write every day, 365 days a year. No misses.I’m not quite sure why I like to write. I don’t like the subject English, my grammar is not good, my vocabulary…

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Lanuza, Surigao del Sur Travel Guide: My First Surfing Trip Experience


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This post was originally published on June 24, 2016. I added some information that is more relevant for those who will visit Lanuza, Surigao del Sur.When I was a kid, I always thought that the ocean was dangerous and beautiful at the same time. Imagine those big waves rushing to the shore with a strong wind blowing through the coconut trees. What a paradise! But for a child who grew up in a small town facing the pacific ocean, the sea was a tease to play with but a warning to stay safe. Having that love…