So just like that, a month went by.

It’s been a month since I started doing social distancing and self-quarantine. I am not sure if it’s getting better for me or it’s getting worse as the days go by.

Let me explain.

I’ve been journaling and writing what I’m doing for the day, the highlight of my day, my emotions and deep thoughts for the past 9 years. And for the first three weeks of quarantine, I was just writing my day to day activity which is almost the same thing every freaking day.

The extrovert inside me is doing her best to entertain herself inside her apartment. Thanks to the internet, we can do a lot!

I know I’m just adjusting to this new routine and with the whole situation.

I’ll be honest that at first, I was doing it because it is the ONLY (and a MUST) thing I can do during this pandemic. I am floating in the situation and just going with the flow with my confusion, frustrations, realizations and worry the entire time.

And here we are…. after a month of floating in this situation, I think I’m not floating anymore.

I am in the DEEP now.

My journal is not just about the day to day activity, but all the realizations why I did all the decisions I made for the past years. All the plans I want to do if I can survive this pandemic. All the adulting goals and things to do in this lifetime.

And to be honest, I am not sure if I want to share this on the world wide web, but here I am posting this.

And here are some my thoughts…..

We are part of this history

Growing up I’ve been hearing stories from my grandparents about World War II. Stories of their personal experience, and their parents (my great grandparents).

And the storyteller in me keeps on wondering what kind of stories I will share with my future grandchildren. Stories about my life that are part of world history that they can google.

Can you guess it?

THIS IS IT. The COVID-19 pandemic.

Please do not assume that I am ecstatic about this realization, because obviously, I am not.

I am just stating the fact that we are part of this history.

Things To Do During Quarantine and Social Distancing

Start Writing your thoughts

And since I’ve been writing a lot, I might as well write the things that are going through in this brain of mine that is still very alive at 4 am.

This is also a tip for you, if you’re not journaling, you might as well do it now.

It is a good way to organize your unfiltered thoughts, you will be surprised at what’s running inside your mind.

Thoughts can be a visceral experience. It is just an internal thing that you experience. Like a memory or a dream. 

Adding an external factor, an EFFORT, makes it more concrete, louder and more true.

Journaling makes it more official.

So go ahead and start writing!

It is also a good therapy to clear your headspace.

Journaling helps our thoughts to become more visible which helps us to reflect and understand our emotions. Most importantly, it helps us be aware of our selves.

What I’ve been writing lately

I’ve been writing how happy I am that I made a decision to pursue my freelance career after quitting my corporate job. I can’t imagine what could have happened to me during this pandemic if I didn’t make that decision.

Will I still have a job?

I’m pretty sure, I will be thinking along the lines of like “I wish I made that leap to start doing freelancing.”

And I feel so privileged about my work situation and I’ve been thinking to create more content such as how to start and where to get freelance jobs, all the things that can help other people to jumpstart their freelancing journey.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding freelancing, you can email at or message me on Instagram @theficklefeet.

Do what makes you happy

I also questioned myself: why did I choose to do freelancing in the first place?

So that I can travel!

But having this job is not easy. I need to have a good internet connection so that I can work while traveling.

And having this time to reflect, I will definitely travel (when it will be safe and allowed) after this pandemic.

I realized that time goes by, whether I travel or not. 

 And time is the only thing I can’t take back.

So it hit me hard that I should do what makes me happy and what feels right for me because we do not have unlimited time.

I have more things to share with you but I do not want to bombard you with all of my thoughts in one article. So this is it for now.

So friends, start writing and let me know your thoughts about journaling. Let me know your experience and thoughts during this pandemic.

We are all in this together so stay healthy, keep safe, wash your hands, and stay at home.