I don’t search a lot about the must try foods in a specific place, but I realized that food is also an adventure every curious mind should take. It says a lot about one’s culture and I want to experience and discover that in my travels.

I might not be a foodie, but like everyone else I also enjoy food! We all know we can’t really say no to food and that’s why for me, food is also something to be explored when visiting a specific place.

Travel gives me an opportunity to try things I’m not comfortable with; Including food. I’m the type of person that only likes one or two things in a specific restaurant or even in a fast food chain and I will order the same thing over and over again. The thing is, sometimes I’m stuck with the usual and it bothers my curiosity. So when my mind is at state of discoveries and unknown, my curiosity suffices my lethal routine. And usually this situation will occur during my travels.

One example is when we visited Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has really a lot to offer more than dimsum and I’ll tell some of the food we tasted during our travels. And by the way, this is not a list of must try but only a mere list of food we tried during our stay.

Mos Burger

It was a super late lunch and we went to this burger junction near Hennessy Road to have our very first meal. The funny part was the iced tea lemon drink made me realized we were not in the Philippines anymore. Iced tea in the Philippines has a very sweet taste and in Hong Kong, it tasted like tea with ice (the real thing).

Hong Kong Food Adventure 1

Tim Ho Wan

This was our first try in this Chinese dimsum restaurant chain that originated in Hong Kong. During our visit, Tim Ho Wan in Cebu was not yet open. With my boyfriend’s brother , we tried Hong Kong’s Chicken Feet in FC Mall. It was sweeter than Philippines’ version but it was still delicious.

Hong Kong Food Adventure 2

Pie Tart Specialists

On our way to Hong Kong Museum of History. We bought some tarts along Granville Road corner Chatham Road. It was very yummy! Macau’s egg tart is also a good one.

Hong Kong Food Adventure 3

Hong Kong Zai Chaa Chan Teeng

We were exploring Mongkok and its different night markets. we saw this dimsum and had our dinner here. We randomly picked this restaurant and just went inside. The waitress gave us a menu with photos. We chose what we want and called a waitress. The moment I said a word in English, the waitress was waving her hands saying no. She called another waitress and I started ordering, and then the second waitress just asked another one to get our order. Finally, as we do not want to cause more troubles to them, we made extra effort on  a sign language game and thankfully the third waitress got our order.

I wanted to eat rice that day. As stated in the menu they have rice rolls and I ordered one however the taste was distinctively different. Well, at least  I tried my options.

Street Food

How can we miss the street foods of Hong Kong. It is everywhere and I was pretty impressed that they tasted so good.

I do not know the exact names but we had something like fishball and siomai. We also tried the very popular egg waffle. Also, there are a lot of crepes available in the streets.

Hong Kong Food Adventure 4


It was also my first time to try this fast food chain originated in Japan. The Food was good but not salty enough for me.

Hong Kong Food Adventure 5

Chung Kee Dessert

Back in Hongkong, we meet Monique, a Filipina-Chinese Girl living in Hing Kong. She took us to her favorite food place. She said after their work hours they always go there and eat desserts. Mango Sago was very delicious. It was sweet and creamy.

Ming Ming Cart Noodle Bar

After our Macau Trip, we tried this noodle cart bar across where we stayed. I never knew that noodle cart is very common in Hong Kong. The cook in Ming Ming lived and worked in the Philippines before so she insisted to play Filipino song which we also enjoyed.

In case you don’t know how noodle cart works. You can choose your own noodles, add at least four toppings. It’s like your noodle, your choice.


Secret Nepalese Food

Monique took us to this affordable nepalese restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong. I do not know the name of the restaurant, it was a secret place. The food was so good. It was my first time to try this kind of food and I like it very much. Pretty much once I’ll be visiting Hong Kong again, I will try to go back and try their food.


I was craving for Filipino food and Jollibee can solve that problem. ALWAYS! I had my all time favorite Chicken Joy.

We met this Lola, who works in Jollibee. She was 65 years old and has two jobs in Hong Kong. She was amazing, and very hard working. Such an inspiration.


These are the few of the food we tried. We tried a lot of random food but I forgot to take  photo. Maybe next time, I’ll try to be more detailed.

Have you been to Hong Kong? Share your experience with me and comment below.

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Hong Kong Food Adventure 6