Japan is definitely on everyone’s bucket list. But as Filipino, we need to get a visa to visit this beautiful country.

Here is a very simple guide on how to get a Japan visa in Cebu.

Before traveling to Japan, I personally read a lot of blog posts about other’s Japan Visa experience, hence I want to share my experience and hope it will be helpful to you as well.

I am currently in Cebu and this is how to get Japan Visa in Cebu.

IMPORTANT: Before applying, please determine the type of Japan visa you need to apply for. For this particular guide, I will only be discussing the requirements for a tourist visa

Japan Visa Requirements

Please know that all of the following requirements are taken from Japan Embassy link.

  1. Philippine Passport
  • Holder’s signature required
  • Passport must be in excellent condition.
  • The photo should not have broken lamination.
  • Passport is valid for 6 months prior to your intended travel date
  • Must have a signature and at least two (2) blank pages.
  1. Application Form
  • A facial Photo (4.5×3.5cm or 2in x 1.4in) must be attached. Taken within 6 months
  • Get your application form here. You can also fill it up directly and download it with your changes (Example).
  • Print the Japan Visa Application Form in A4 size.
  • Fill out the form completely. Put “N/A” in all spaces that are not applicable. Make sure that you signed it.
  1. Birth Certificate (issued by PSA within 1 year)


  • If the certificate is unreadable or incomplete, submit a Birth certificate issued by Local Civil Registrar.
  • If the birth certificate is “LATE REGISTRATION”, submit Baptismal Certificate and School Record (Form 137).
  • If there is no record of birth in PSA, submit Birth Certificate issued by Local Civil Registrar and Negative Certificate issued by PSA.

NOTE: If you are unable to provide any requirement, (for example, you need form 317 if you are late registered, you can simply provide a letter of explanation)

  1. Marriage Certificate (issued by PSA within 1 year. For the married only.)


  • If the certificate is unreadable, submit a Marriage certificate issued by Local Civil Registrar.
  • If there is no record of marriage in PSA, submit Marriage Certificate issued by Local Civil Registrar and Negative Certificate issued by PSA.

IMPORTANT: Birth Certificate & Marriage Certificate are NOT necessary for submission IF you have already been issued a Japan Visa before (old or still valid).

  1. Itinerary in Japan
  1. Bank Certificate
  • This must be an original copy from your bank which must be issued within the past 3 months.

How much money should you have in your bank account? The Japanese Embassy did not mention any minimum amount requirement, but it is good to account that you have enough during your travel. When I was applying, my friends told me to have at least Php 50,000 in the bank for a 5-7 days trip in Japan — so let’s use that as a minimum standard.

In our experience (three of us), submitted around Php200,000 each for a 9-day trip. I personally submitted two bank certificates (just to be sure) from BPI and CIMB.

NOTE: If you are ONLY submitting a Bank Certificate from a Digital Bank like (CIMB, Seabank, Tonik, or Maya), you need a letter of explanation. I didn’t need a letter of explanation because I have a BPI bank certificate which is already enough.

  1. Photocopy of Income Tax Return

For employed persons:

  • Latest ITR (Form 2316) clear photocopy in A4 paper with the receipt stamp from BIR (or if you used e-Tax, submit the receipt notification).
  • Certificate of Employment

For self-employed / business persons:

  • If you’re a freelancer, provide your latest ITR (Form 1701A) clear photocopy on A4 paper.
  • If you own a business, submit the company ITR and a copy of the Certificate of Registration issued by DTI/SEC.
  • If you can submit a Business Permit, even better.

NOTE: If you do NOT have an ITR, write a simple letter explaining why you’re unable to submit it.

In case a guarantor in the Philippines will shoulder part/all of the travel expense

  • Guarantee Letter
  • Proof of relationship between applicant and guarantor(e.g. Birth Certificates)
  • Bank Certificate
  • Photocopy of Income Tax Return (BIR: Form 2316)

Japan Accredited Agency in Cebu

An important thing that you need to know, the Japanese Embassy only allows visa applications through travel agencies.

Here is the list of accredited travel agencies in Cebu to apply for a Japan Visa.

PLEASE CHECK, the Embassy of Japan website for more details.

My Japan Visa Application Experience in Cebu

FRIDAY: We went first to Friendship Tour and Resort Corporation but unfortunately, it was a holiday at that time so they are only open during the morning. They only release passports and not accepting any applications.

So we went to Attic Tours Phils., Inc in SM City Cebu, which is the most convenient for me since they are located at the mall so they do open every day. We sent our applications to them. My friend and I completed our applications. Unfortunately, my boyfriend still needs his COE so we went back next Monday.

MONDAY: We submitted the COE and this is when I submitted my additional CIMB Bank Certificate 😅. And the travel agent said that my application is already complete but she accepted it anyway.

We got our Japan Visa the next week (on Monday as well) which is basically 5 working days. My boyfriend and I got a single entry visa. My friend got a multiple-entry visa. It was very fast and we are all happy to get our visas.


  • Always check the travel agency’s social media accounts, most of them are very active so you can see if they are closed during holidays. You can also message them, they do respond most of the time.
  • Better prepare your complete application so you do not need to go back and forth.
  • If you think you need to submit more additional details, just submit them.
    • My boyfriend submitted a photocopy of his previous US visa.
    • My friend submitted a photocopy of her previous 2 Japan single-entry visas.
    • I submitted an additional bank certificate.
  • Be patient and wish for the best.

Good luck with your Japan Visa application!

Feel free to download my Japan Travel Details + Notion Template below!

Japan Visa in Cebu