Another Mermaid Tales that I want to share with you.

This girl has been exposed to so many different cultures and environments, and she has grown a deeper appreciation for the environment. That’s why the focus of her blog is about Ethical Traveling. It will be about traveling with minimal impact, enjoying different cultures and allowing nature to blossom simultaneously.

Get to know her advocacy. Read on!

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! My name is Nadia, I currently run a blog called Nomadic Nerd. I’m in love with travelling and exploring and I’m a huge advocate for being ethical whilst doing so. I’m still pretty young, so I feel if I start early, I can make the most progress in terms of minimizing waste etc.

Why did you decide to minimize plastic consumption?

I think I’ve always been one of those people who was environmentally conscious, but up until a year ago, I never fully implemented it into my life. Travelling and seeing the impact that plastic can have on places that are, at their core, incredibly beautiful, kind of pushed me more towards it.

Plastic Kills too

Any experience you want to share?

I love Boost Juice, and I have it so so often, when I started out with the whole no plastic thing, I wanted that to include straws, because honestly they are so unnecessary. Anyway, I went to order my regular Gym Junkie Smoothie and realised I can’t take a straw! So there I was a bright green (open) cup of juice, walking around a mall. It felt so odd and I honestly felt like people kept staring at me! Then when I got to the final bits at the bottom, I had to tip it up higher, and some fell on my nose!

Do you have other advocacies?

Like I mentioned before, I advocate for ethical travel, this basically means being mindful of your impact on everything, not just the environment! It includes the community and the economy. In terms of being more eco-friendly, I’d recommend looking into your mode of transportation and also any carbon offset activities you could take part in/sponsor.

Any advice to those who want to start doing the same?

Always remember, progress and not perfection. We are all human and we are all learning. Thanks to decades of normalisation, plastic is pretty hard to get rid of. So just start small, do what you can, wherever you can. Don’t stress if you make mistakes, just learn from them!

You can follow Nadia at and @nomadicnerd_

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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