I just had a trip with my girlfriends and it was one of the most memorable trips I ever did.

I think the most difficult part was getting the perfect time to make that vacation possible. That’s why after how many years of postponing, we were very happy that it finally happened.

I never thought that spending time with my girl friends made me realize a lot of things!

Here are some of those realizations I had and hopefully these benefits will make you convinced to take that all-girls getaway with your mains!


It is good for your feminine energy!

I never thought that having a vacation with them made my feminine energy boost at its highest peak! It feels so good to be surrounded with girls that made me so comfortable, love and allowing myself to be girly as possible.

Imagine this, it is my first time to bring luggage full of clothes! If I was traveling alone, I will pack as little as I can with my backpack!

You will have a wardrobe extension

Speaking of clothes. It is an automatic benefit to having more clothes to wear when you are traveling with your girlfriends.

 During our trip, most of us were exchanging and swapping our outfits. It was really fun because we have different styles and it made our clothes diverse.


You’ll have super good photos

In all of my travels, I guess the best photos I have was when I traveled with my girlfriends in Phuket, Thailand!

Going on a vacation with your girls will surely be a consistent series of photo-shoots. I never took a photo that many and at the same time having fun taking them! I feel like they gave me more confidence and surrounded by them makes me less guilty of taking so much photo. Hahaha.

The endless topic of girl talk

From reconnecting with our college memories and dramas to rated PG boys topics. We talked and covered different topics and I think that is the best part of our trip!

Now that we are in the adulting phase, we got to know more about each other deeply than what we knew each other back then when we were teens. It is refreshing and a good way to reflect on the past and realizing different stages of our life.


It strengthens your relationship with your girlfriends

I think this is the best of all the benefits. Our Trip strengthened our relationship as friends. We were all different and unique and it is amazing to have this relationship that stands through time.

Our relationship was never been perfect and I think that makes our relationship stronger.

Having the time to have a vacation with my girlfriends made me realize how important to have a good relationship with your friends. To bond and realize that we are not alone in our experiences especially trying to survive our adulting phase, all the challenges we had, and triumphs we celebrated. I realize that I was never alone and I am very thankful that we have each other no matter what.