What Taiwan cultural experience activities I should try?

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about Taiwan. I want to visit Taiwan again and I want to experience more cultural activities.

The first time I visited, I went to the best tours we can do in Taiwan that my time traveling can squeeze in. And to tell you honestly, there are still tons of places to visit. Taiwan is truly a country I need to visit more than once.

So for this post, I want to share with you some of the cultural activities that we can try in Taiwan.

Pre-travel Guide


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Visa Requirements:

You can be qualified for visa exemption, visa on arrival, eVisa, or an Online Travel Authorization Certificate. Kindly Visit this ROC Embassies and Missions Abroad for more information.


Reserve your accommodation ahead of time. You can book on Booking.com without a reservation fee. We stayed with a friend in New Taipei City and we saved a lot because of this.

For me, the best location to stay will be in Zhongzheng District 中正區. It is at the center of Taipei and the main station is located in the area. Also, there are a lot of tourist spots that you can walk around.

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You can explore Taiwan via MRT with single journey tickets or rechargeable IC cards. The best way to get around Taiwan is to avail of the Taipei Pass which gives unlimited rides on the MRT and public buses.

To navigate yourself within Taiwan, use Google Maps directions. To have a data internet connection, you can buy a 4G sim card. You can pick up the sim card at Taoyuan International Airport.

Tour and Activities:

If you like to book ahead of time on what activity you would like to do in Taiwan, you can book it in Klook . They have a list of tours, activities, and even transportation. If you are a planner, you will love this site.

Taiwan Cultural Experiences To Try

Traditional Chinese Qipao Dress Rental

We can rent a Qipao dress and enjoy exploring Taiwan. Playing dress up is one of the activities I want to try. I think it will be a fun Taiwan cultural experience.

Qipao Dress or Cheongsam is a type of feminine body-hugging dress with unique Chinese features of Manchu origin. The dress was worn by Chinese socialites and upper-class women. It was known during the 1920s and 1930s.


  • Rent and wear a traditional Chinese qipao
  • Choose from various styles of dresses to suit your liking
  • Get a chance to understand the traditional culture of qipao while dressing up
  • Walk around the old streets in Dadaocheng and experience the beauty of Taipei’s old town
Taiwan cultural experience
Photo by Calvin Hanson 

Taiwanese Cooking Class

They say cooking class is one of the best Taiwan cultural experience activities to try. I never tried it before, but I will add this to my list once I am back in Taiwan.

Good thing we have a lot of cooking class options to try.


  • Learn how to cook authentic Taiwanese dishes in a fun cooking class of your choice!
  • Fully immerse yourself in the local vibe as you walk in traditional markets in Taiwan
  • Learn how to make your favorite dishes with recipes in English, Chinese, and Japanese

Taipei cooking classes:

Yilan cooking class:

Tainan cooking classes:

Taiwan cultural experience
Photo by Drew Jemmett 

Tea Culture Experience

It will be great to learn about their decades-old traditions and process of creating a tasteful tea.

Tea is a great part of Taiwan. Learning about teas will be such an amazing Taiwan cultural experience.


  • Discover the thriving tea culture of Taiwan
  • Take a sip of Ming San Tea’s top products and learn to appreciate the unique flavor of each cup
  • Get a chance to mix and match different kinds of leaves and create your own perfect blend of tea on a test tube!

Aboriginal Culture and Way of Life Experience in Hualien

This is such an interesting tour! 

You’ll learn plenty of things about their aboriginal cultures such as how to cook rice using the bamboo tube, fishnet setting, and lighting fires through wood drilling. You also get the chance to wear their traditional clothes.


  • Get an authentic experience of the Huadong lifestyle by visiting the Malasang aboriginal hunter school
  • Train with locals on how to use traditional weapons like the bow-and-arrow and the slingshot
  • Learn survival skills through net fishing and fire-starting using wood
  • Indulge in a delicious meal of aboriginal soup and bamboo tube rice
Taiwan cultural experience
Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem 

Zhuo Ye Indigo Dyeing Handicraft Experience

Taiwan’s traditional way of natural dyeing with a fun indigo handicraft workshop in Tainan or Miaoli is such an exciting Taiwan cultural experience.


  • Learn the basic tips, techniques, and steps on natural dyeing from an expert
  • Create and personalize your own handicraft with fascinating patterns and designs you will discover during the class
  • Choose to take home your own drawstring bag, sachet, and scarf – a great souvenir to share with your loved ones
Taiwan cultural experience
Photo by Angelina Litvin

Handmade Leather Crafts Workshop 

This leader craft worship is a must Taiwan cultural experience activity!

Learn to create handmade leather crafts from scratch. Learn how to hand stitch, punch holes in leather, stitch buttons onto your item, and personalize your belongings.

  • Learn how to create handmade leather crafts – the perfect personalized gift for friends or lovers
  • Choose your own color leather and customize your piece as you wish
  • Discover a new craft from professional instructors who will give you a thorough demonstration
  • Take home a completely unique souvenir that no one else will have
  • If you have previous experience, check out the Handmade Leather Crafts Workshop Advanced Course instead

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Taiwan cultural experience

I hope you like this list of Taiwan cultural experience activities. Have you visited Taiwan before? Share your experience!

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