It’s funny how a little doubt can stop us from doing something we want. Just a little nay, that can cause a long delay.  Just a little no that can hold us back and not to go.

For a long time, I was listening to those little voices that hinder me to start my own blog, to buy a domain and start creating content that I will share with the world. I realized that those doubts created an idea that I can’t do this. The sad part is, I’m the one creating that idea into my own brain. Don’t blame me. I know my capabilities and weaknesses (well, most of it). I’m not a good writer. I don’t know how all the grammar works, I hate spelling, I can’t construct a good sentence and my vocabulary is limited. Overall, I’m not good in English. I actually hate the English subject during my school days.

Now if you’ll ask me why I created this blog anyway? Well, my answer is simple. I want to tell stories. Stories from my experience, stories from my thoughts, and stories from my heart. And I am not doing this for anyone; I’m doing this for myself. I’m doing this to keep a record of my own stories with the hope that the future Roneth can learn from the wonderful journey of happiness, discovery and uncertainty that I created and about to create.

I’m happy that the first thing I like to share with the future me is taking the first step to create The Fickle Feet. I want to share this not only with her, but also with you. That we may hear doubts anywhere we go and whatever we do, sometimes those voices are loud, sometimes it sounds small, but always remember that hearing is different from listening. Sometimes we are the one creating those unimportant voices. I want you to focus and only listen to those voices that give positivity and possibility. Because that’s the only noise that matters.