“No man is an island”

A common phrase we are all familiar. But do we know what it really means?

According to science, humans need other humans in order to survive. Most importantly, to remain sane. We can go crazy without talking or seeing another human being. This is very true. Humans need community, for them to feel love, to connect and to feel they belong. This is why we all have that longing that we need to fit in. This is part of our human nature. So don’t be sad about that fact if you feel that way.

So have you found your community already? If not, you might want to be in these new and old
communities that I found with different goals.


Christian life Movement

Christian life Movement is an ecclesial movement approved by His Holiness St. John Paul II in 1994, which is present around the world.

I’ve been a member of this Community since 2012. They made my heart at home of what I am and what I can become. All members have strong personalities that I admire the most and I am very happy I met them all and call them my friends.

We usually go to an island to volunteer every month. We also have catechism on weekends and we feed street children on Fridays. You can join us if you want!


Orca Freedivers Philippines

Orca Freedivers Philippines is a group created from all for the students of the AIDA instructor Ceszar and started last 2017.

We usually go to Uncle Mike’s Crib in Marigondon, Lapu-lapu near Plantation Bay during weekends to dive. And sometimes in other places like Carmen and Moalboal. We are composed of young professionals and also college students. The diversity of the group is wide which makes it more interesting.


Cebu Content Creators

Cebu Content Creators or C3, is an independent organization of Cebu-based digital content creators composed of bloggers, social media creators, and video creators.

I love blogging, and making contents to share with others. It is nice to be part of a group that I can learn a lot from. I still consider myself as a beginner in this field and I’m looking forward to harness and establish my own brand. And I’m working on that every day.

Members of C3 have different niches aiming to create the same goal that I’ve been pursuing, to produce good quality content.


How to Find Your Right Community?

Christina Life Movement

Don’t be afraid to try

I joined a lot of groups for many reasons. Some of the reasons are maybe because of my classmates or friends who were already members, or maybe I just wanted to have an active community that I can spend my time with. Mostly, it is because I want to try a lot of things.

Through exploring and trying. You’ll learn and you’ll figure out what you really want in a group. You’ll be wiser in your decisions and that will lead to your ideal community.


Meet a lot of people

Meeting a lot of people who will guide you to your future community. They might be a member of it and you can join in.

Most importantly, feel the people around you. Observe and interact. If you can mingle harmoniously, if you feel you’re a part of them, and if they treat you nicely. Then you will be sure that you already found your people.


Make sure you have the same goal

Since you already tried different groups. You’ll know (or even partly know) the things you want to achieve. You can find that in the goal of the group.

The goal attracted you first, but it will eventually keep you to stay in a group. Personally, I always make sure to align my goals with the community, because through that, members can achieve their goals together, faster, and effectively.


If you haven’t found your community yet, keep looking. You might be surprised it is just around the corner.