4-Day Island Hopping Experience

4-Day Island Hopping Experience


This experience gave me the opportunity to live my dream of becoming a pirate. Though we don’t have action scenes like in the movie. The moments we have while embarking on this adventure were more memorable and definitely fantastic.

Hopping from one island to another, seeing breathtaking views, watching the sun rising and setting each day, swimming in dazzling blue water, and having good times with strangers turned into friends. All that moments in just 4 days. Sounds amazing right?

So let’s start!




The island offers such a beautiful scenery. From the beach with clear blue water to the top of the hill with amazing view of sunset. It was a place worth to capture for an Instagram post.

My Day 1 experience was just fine. Although at first we still trying to get along. Oh! Did I mention that we were 28 during this trip? So yeah! We can’t just stay in one place together because each of us were busy exploring the island. But it turned out good, especially during the night with lots of alcohol  involved.






The moment we arrived in Viga Cold Spring, my initial question was ” Are we going to fit in?” I mean we were 28 and the area was quite small for all of us. Nevertheless, I’m quite amazed how the concreted spring was divided. Drinking water, to bathing, and washing clothes area of the locals. While bathing we noticed that there were fishes in the spring. The best part, it was free. But we took the initiative to donate for the barangay.



The spring was quite small. It was located on the top part of the island. And I believe only the locals knew about this because there was no sign board going here and no entrance fee. It’s free.

Here’s a story. Joanne and I went here without the group because we thought that they were already in the spring. We had our own exploration going. Asking the locals where this place was. It was definitely a FOMO(Fear of Mission Out) moment. I got blisters because the spring was quite far. Joanne and I got back late for lunch. And then the group went to the spring after we ate, and I decided not to go with them. Suddenly the owner of the house we stayed for lunch offered to guide us to the pool nearby. With my blisters problem, I decided to go there along with the other group. The reason that I’m late again to get my stuff and go to the next destination. End of story. 🙂

PS. He said that the pool was near, but it was definitely not near. While going there I was thinking if it was a bad idea or not. The answer? NO! I didn’t regret it. ?

On our way to Agta Beach Resort



We stayed and camped at Agta beach resort for our second night. This night we bonded more. We stayed late knowing we have to go early for the next island. Nevertheless, it was good to hear different stories from new people.





From Agta Beach Resort, we went straight to Dalutan Island. It was approximately 20 minutes boat trip. The island was covered with white sands and there were trees giving us enough shade. Though the island don’t have amenities, cottages are available.

We had our lunch here, some went snorkeling and swimming while others went fishing. Well, they tried. HAHAHA.



Higatangan Island has an amazing long sandbar. Our home for the last night of this adventure. It was freaking cold and the wind blew hard during at night, hard enough to knock off our tent. Still this night was memorable.

The social was more fun and dramatic. We played charades and I’m on the winning team-not bragging. Haha. As the night was getting late,each of us shared our different stories. It was intense and complicated at the same time because we can’t have fair share on how to tell our own stories because our moderator SUCKS! Oh. Hi Jack! ? But I guess it turned out okay. I think so. Whatever!

And for the whole night I didn’t get enough sleep. I was up all night and saw a beautiful sunrise.






Last day! I’m very happy that we went here in Malapascua Island even though it was not part of our original itinerary. I heard  a lot of beautiful things about the island. The beautiful white sand beach, the diving spots with rich marine sanctuary.

We went snorkeling. Others went cliff jumping.


Team “Choya Lage Bay!

All in all. Those 4 days and 3 nights were amazing. I learned a lot of things. From myself and from others. This journey ignites me to do more things like this, to travel, to meet new people, and most importantly to appreciate life. I can’t believe I survived this kind of adventure. You should  try it too! I’m more than happy to give you the details of this 4-day Island Hopping Adventure.



We Rented one boat for the whole 4 days. We started at Maya, Daan Bantayan, from there we went to Sambawan Island – Maripipi Island – Biliran Island – Dalutan Island – Higatangan Island – Malapascua Island.

  • 3 sets of camp clothes
  • 2 sets of swim clothes
  • 2 sets of travel clothes
  • flashlight or headlight
  • Sun Protection (Sunscreen,hat)
  • Cooking ware
  • Utensils
  • Tent
  • Beach Mat or Hammock
  • First aid Kit
  • Bug repellent
  • Trail Food
  • Dry Bag
  • Camera

Itineraty - Leyte Island Hopping



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