I hope you already ready my blog post about the food around the world that you should try.

If you are like me who likes dessert, this is a quick list of the best desserts around the world.

10 BEST Desserts From Around The World That you should add in your bucket list 1
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Halo-Halo | Philippines

Halo-Halo is one of the most famous desserts in the Philippines. It is a cold dessert with a mix of everything. Mostly Halo-halo is consists of crushed ice, evaporated milk and ube, sweetened beans, coconut, and a lot more. Usually, it depends on your preference so you can experiment as much as you can.

If you visit the Philippines, most probably it is available in every restaurants so I am sure you will never miss it.

10 BEST Desserts From Around The World That you should add in your bucket list 2
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Cranachan | Scotland

If you have ever visited Scotland, you will know how much we love our sweet treats. Think tablet,
fudge, battered Mars bar, Irn Bru! So, of course, we have a traditional, sweet dessert. Cranachan is
humbly known as, ‘the uncontested King of Scottish desserts’.

Initially created as a celebration of harvest, this dish contains cream, raspberries, oats, a little honey and, of course, whisky. The word Cranachan is Gaelic and means “churn”. Historically, a soft cheese
called crowdie was used but this has been replaced by heavy cream over the years.

Today, cranachan is usually served in tall, elegant glasses as a dessert. But, in times gone by, the
ingredients were laid out on the kitchen table and each family member would make up their plate as
they please. It may also have been eaten for breakfast in the past.

So, if you are fortunate enough to end up in Scotland one day, try our delicious, sweet cranachan.
Find out why Scots still love this tasty dessert. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding”.

– Katy, thebalkansandbeyond.com 

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Windbeutel (German Cream Puffs) | Germany

You might not think of Germany when you think of decadent pastries, but one dessert you should absolutely try during your visit is Windbeutel. They’re also sometimes called cream puffs or profiteroles after the dough’s French origins, but the ones in Germany are a bit special.

Though there are regional variations, the dough recipe is quite simple: butter, eggs, flour, and water. Some recipes call for a bit of sugar, salt, or a leavening agent like baking powder. The ingredients are mixed together, rolled into balls, and baked. The dough balls poof up into little spheres with airy centers. They’re then usually sliced in half and layered with any number of sweet fillings, typically fruit, chocolate or caramel sauce, or just whipped cream.

What makes the German Windbeutel unique is their hearty portions and the addition of ice cream to an already sumptuously sweet dessert. Ice cream makes everything better, right? Imagine a layer of puff pastry, ice cream, fruit compote, whipped cream, a second layer of puff pastry, MORE whipped cream – with it all swimming in a pool of raspberry sauce. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the cherry on top!

– Carrie, twosmallpotatoes.com

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Ålandspannkaka | Finland

Alands Pankacka (Pancake of Åland) is a traditional dessert from the Aland islands in Finland. It’s made from either cooked rice pudding or semolina and then baked with eggs, cardamon, and flour. Cardamon being the most essential ingredient! It has a custard-like consistency that just.melts in your mouth and is usually served with stewed prunes and thick whip cream on top but is just as.delicious with raspberry or strawberry jam. You can find Alands Pankacka at almost every restaurant and cafe on Aland, but the best recipes are made by the grandmothers of Aland who have been masters at baking it for decades and putting their own spin on the traditional dish.

Alanders love eating it with their coffee, and it’s most commonly is eaten during the summer months while enjoying the beautiful weather and the company of family and friends. If you enjoy desserts aren’t overly sweet and heavy, you will love Alands Pankacka.

– Marika, clumsygirltravels.com

10 BEST Desserts From Around The World That you should add in your bucket list 5
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Pavlova | Australia

When you get the chance to visit Australia, don’t forget to try the Aussie classic dessert – the pavlova (or the pav as it is affectionately known by locals)! Picture this: a crispy and fluffy meringue shell, topped with the most fresh and seasonal fruits and whipped cream, doesn’t that just sound like the perfect summer time dessert?! 

The story goes: The pavlova was named after the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova who toured Oceania in the late 1920s. Australians believe the dessert was invented at a hotel in Perth, when a dinner claimed the dessert to be as ‘light as a Pavlova’. However recent research has indicated that the pavolova’s origins and roots can actually be traced back to the United States! Regardless, Aussies love this airy and sweet dessert! 

I highly recommend visitors to try this Aussie iconic dessert as it is an Australian staple during the warmer months and a great dish to be shared with friends during a picnic or a BBQ. Some even say it tastes like the flavours of Spring and Summer. 🙂

– Kat, earthtokatriona.com

Churros | Spain

One of the best and most well-known deserts in Spain is churros. This is one of the easiest desserts to eat. You can have it in a restaurant or from a food truck and eat it standing up. You’ll find it everywhere in Spain with different toppings. Even the locals enjoy it, although it’s definitely catered to visitors. If you’re ever in Seville go to Bar El Comercio for the most delicious and authentic churros.

Churros is a long, thin dough deep-fried until it is crispy and golden. When you eat churros make sure it’s hot and freshly made. You definitely don’t want a premade batch that has gone stale and cold. The best thing is to get some thick chocolate sauce and dip your hot churros into it. Otherwise, if you’re eating at a place that makes them really well they’ll taste great just by themselves.

– Bliss, travelforbliss.com

BeaverTails | Canada

BeaverTails are a famous Canadian pastry, serving Canada since 1978. The soft and fluffy pastry is made of dough that is hand-stretched and fried to perfection. It is most traditionally served hot and covered in the perfect amount of cinnamon sugar. BeaverTails are also served with a magnitude of different toppings to satisfy your sweet cravings. Toppings range from chocolate sauce, sliced fruit, whipped cream, crushed candy bars, ice cream, and so much more! You can order a popular combination from the menu or opt to be creative and customize your own.

This iconic Canadian dessert is served in kiosks and at various events across the country, in bright red storefronts. The original shop is located in Ottawa, where locals and tourists best enjoy the pastries during the wintertime on a skate along the canal. The pastry became even more well-known when President Obama stopped by a kiosk in Ottawa to order one!

– Devin, deventuretime.com

Sachertorte | Austria

Sachertorte is an Austrian specialty and an absolute must for chocolate lovers. It’s a traditional Austrian chocolate cake consisting of 2 layers that are separated by apricot jam and covered in chocolate glaze. The cake is soft and moist and traditionally it’s served with unsweetened whipped cream. 

Sachertorte was created in 1832 by 16-year-old pastry chef Franz Sacher when Prince Metternich asked him to come up with a special dessert for his guests. “Oh, that he may not discredit me tonight!” were the words of Prince Metternich that resulted in the creation of the Sachertorte.

You can try the original Sachertorte in the official Hotel Sacher in Vienna, in Salzburg, in Innsbruck or in Granz. Alternative great places to try the cake are the cafés AIDA or Demel in Vienna. Hotel Sacher has published a recipe to bake the Sachertorte at home but the original recipe that is used by Sacher remains a secret.

– Maria, aworldofdestinations.com

Sticky Toffee Pudding | United Kingdom

Growing up, sticky toffee pudding was a much-loved dessert in British schools. At least in the schools that I attended. Personally, it was a firm favourite of mine as a child and still remains so to this day.  

This delicious sponge cake made up of several ingredients is best served warm with extra servings of toffee sauce (yum). Despite being incredibly indulgent on its own, adding either vanilla ice cream or warm custard is a real treat for the tastebuds that is highly recommended!  

Sticky toffee pudding originates in the United Kingdom. This means it can be found on the menu of most British restaurants and pubs. However, homemade sticky toffee pudding is the best if you can get your hands on some! If you are travelling around the country, you simply must give this tasty dessert a try. Go on, treat yourself. I promise that you will not be disappointed!

– Lauren, packandpaint.co.uk

10 BEST Desserts From Around The World That you should add in your bucket list 10

Chimney Cakes | Hungary

When thinking about desserts in Hungary, chimney cakes are often the first ones that come to mind. Although many people associate them with Prague, they originate from Hungary (Transylvania to be precise). They are one of the most popular street foods in the Christmas markets in Budapest, but fear not, if you’re visiting the Hungarian capital at any other time of the year you can still find chimney cakes around the city.

Chimney cakes are made of a sweet dough that’s wrapped around a cone, rolled in granulated sugar and roasted over charcoal. The sugar caramelizes during the roast which accounts for the golden-brown crust on the outside. The sweet smell of the chimney cakes makes them practically irresistible!

For the coating you can choose from a lot of options. The traditional chimney cakes are usually coated with cinnamon or coconut but you can also ask for chocolate, dried raspberries or walnuts. If you’re a gourmet, you can even try an ice-cream filled chimney cake! Whichever you choose, I’m sure you’re going to love them!

– Krisztina, shewandersabroad.com

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