Honestly, I was pretty excited about this trip because I heard a lot of good things about Osmeña Peak. Including the fact that it is easily accessible to everyone and it is an easy way to climb here without any hiking experience. Though I wanted to stay and have an overnight, I’m still satisfied with my experience visiting Osmeña Peak.

Osmeña Peak Experience

So here’s what happened.

It was 2:30 am, and I was on the road with new friends. They were all Ilongos. We’re on a nearly 2-hour trip to Mantalugon, Dalaguete. We’re about to climb a peak that is approximately 1000 meters above sea level. The highest in Cebu, located between Dalaguete and Badian. It is called Osmeña Peak or Opeak for short.

We rented a Van, which was big enough for the seven of us, and on our way, we ate our super-duper early breakfast. We slept our asses off, and then that nearly two-hour trip ended, and then tadaaa….Hello Dalaguete!

It was still dark when we started climbing. It was my first time hiking without seeing any view. It was more tiring actually, even though the climb was less than half an hour. The view of nature can boost my energy and trekking without any weakens me. HAHA. Anyway, it was nice because we were the first ones to reach the top. The sun was just about to shine, though the sunrise was not that visible because it was foggy. Still, we enjoyed the view and we had some Instagram moments.

opeak06opeak05opeak08opeak02We also went to the near peak with the white flag. It was higher and steeper than Osmeña Peak. So if you come and visit, make sure to drop by. And be careful!

Going down was quite nice because I saw the beauty of Osmena Peak. If you ask me what it was like? It was like walking in the park. I remember that scene in the movie P.S I love you when that moment where the girl was lost and trying to find the national park for hours, and then she met the boy and told her that she was probably in the national park for a few hours already. Remember that scene? Come on people! You should watch the movie! 😀 Anyway, back to Osmeña Peak topic!

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How to get there:

From Cebu South Bus Terminal – Ride a bus going to Oslob (Any destination that passes Dalaguete) Php100.00-120.00. Dropped at Dalaguete conjunction. Rent a motorcycle going to Osmena Peak jump-off for Php100.00 per person.


Rent a Van for Php4500.00 good for 10. You can contact Jessie (0923-997-6445)

At the jump-off, you can hire a guide, mostly they are kids. Give a reasonable price, Php100 .00 is enough.


After the climb, we have to take our lunch. Jessie, our driver, was very hospitable. He took us to his parent’s house since we couldn’t decide where to eat. We stayed there for a meal, we watched TV and even slept! Come on! 2:30am is too early for a sleepyhead like me. We were all tired and a quick nap was all we needed.

After our siesta, we passed by an old church in Boljoon, The Church of Patrocinio de Maria.

We ended this trip chilling at the beach. Playing some games that made me us tipsy. HAHA.


What I love about having this fickle feet is that I gained not just memorable experiences but also friendships. Thank you Ilongos for tagging me along on this trip. Here’s to more adventures together!

P.S. Please speak cebuano on our next adventure. HAHAHA.

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