I’m pretty spontaneous. I don’t consider it as a good thing, but every time I say yes to adventures, I always hope that things would turn out good.

Like this random travel to Davao.

My initial plan was just to stroll around the big city of Davao. Without any plans, any activities, nothing at all. What happened was, my two friends already planned to go to a place called Mati. What the want to do is to surf.

I like the idea because my first surfing experience was not that nice. So I went with them without any expectations. Just the urge to try surfing one more time.

Amihan sa Dahican, Mati, Davao, Philippines
Amihan sa Dahican, Mati, Davao, Philippines
Amihan sa Dahican, Mati, Davao, Philippines

For four days and three nights, all we did was, Surf-Eat-Sleep-Repeat! It was a different experience for me since I’m the kind of girl that cannot sit still (though I like to sleep whole day), I like to go around, doing tons of activities and partying all night. But this trip in Dahican,

was so chill. It was a nice experience: surfing during the morning, sitting by the beach and staring at the waves in awe, talking with the locals, watching the moon reflecting it rays in the ocean, sleeping in the tent beside the beach. Everything was just relaxing and I felt like I’m being one with the nature.

This Surfing trip gave me a feeling that surfing might be the only activity I would like to try again and again. Even if I would end up with multiple bruises. I would gladly flash it to the world as my battle scars. It was that good that I don’t even know how to explain it. I’ll just give you a scenario, one afternoon Loi caught me staring at the waves with a big smile on my face. I was in love! Definitely, completely in love! I learned that it is important to enjoy the moment.  Just grab the freaking board, ride that awesome waves and always make sure to have some fun.

Staying in Mati made me realize that the place doesn’t have a big impact when I travel. It is the people I’m with, the people I met, the people in the place where I’m at. It is the memories created with the people around me. The stories shared under the stars, the dreams we’ve been aiming and the passion we’ve been searching. Deep conversations that for now seems blur.

The bottom line of my realization that I would like to share with you is that, the people we spend our time with matters. Whether we create good memories to treasure or bad memories to learn. Either way, it will be part of who we are.


How to get to Mati:

  • From Davao City International Airport go to Gaisano Mall and take a three-hour van ride going to Mati for Php250.00php.
  • From Mati Proper to Dahican Beach take a tricycle for Php50.00

Where to Stay in Mati?

If you want to stay in a room, you can check these options below:

Other Details:

Board Rate:

  • SURF Board- Php500.00 with Instructor (per hour)
  • SKIM Board- Php150 (per hour)


  • If you have a tent you can camp in Amihan sa Dahican for Php50.00/night. You can also rent a tent for Php200.00/night.
  • There’s no restaurants near the area. Better bring your own foods. There’s no corkage.
  • There are small sari-sari stores on the other of the beach that only sells basic commodities.
  • Water supply is a bit of a problem there. If the comfort room in Amihan doesn’t have water. Try to ask nearby locals if you can take a shower at their place. Just ask nicely. They will charge you Php20-Php50 per bucket.
  • Early morning is the best time to surf. Maybe around 6am-7am.
  • The town is quite far from the beach. It will get you some time to find a ride. Just ask the locals with motorcycles to get you a tricycle or ask them if they can give you a ride.
  • Also please follow some dos and don’ts while staying here to preserve the beauty of the beach.

Have you ever tried surfing before? Where? How was it? I like to hear your thoughts about it. 

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