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Mt. Naupa: Chasing Sunset


What I love about Cebu is that I can enjoy both the city and the beauty of its nature. I can escape from the city in a few hours and have an adventure the whole day.

Just like this day hike in Mt. Naupa.

Mount Naupa is a 1,916ft / 584m mountain peak. It is the highest peak in Naga City. It is an easy climb and I’m sure anyone can do it. Even beginners. You don’t believe me? Meet Mae. She is the daughter of our guide, Sir Jude. She was with us during this adventure.

Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa

This climb was organized by Marj. I met her during our Agrao escapade, two years ago. That’s the beauty of travelling. You can meet a lot of people that will definitely help your wanderlust cure or make it worse. She’s also an adventure junkie. Go check her blog Dakilang Laagan.

Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa

 How was it?

Like what I said earlier,it was easy. It only took more than an hour to reach the summit.

Also, our hike was an ideal time, since we were there to chase the sunset.

We had a good amount of rest and took a lot of pictures. We also had fresh coconut juice!

Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa
Mt. Naupa Sunset


 How to get To Mt. Naupa:

  • What we did? Since Naga is not too far from Cebu. We went there via Jeepney. It takes two rides to get to our meetup place at Tungkop.
  • If you’re not from Cebu, you can take a bus for Php30.00
  • From Tungkop (Tinong’s Bakeshop) take a motorcycle/habal-habal to Cogon Chapel for Php70.00(back and forth).


Itinerary and Expenses:

1:00PM – Assembly at Tungkop (Tinong’s Bakeshop)

2:00PM – ETD from Tungkop via Habal-habal ride to Cogon Chapel

2:30PM – ETD start the trek going to Mt. Naupa

3:30PM – ETA in Mt. Naupa Summit

4:30PM – Snack Break

5:00PM – Sunset viewing

6:00PM – ETD descend to Cogon Chapel

7:00PM – ETA at Cogon Chapel

7:15PM – ETD from Cogon Chapel to Tungkop

8:00PM – Back to Cebu City via Jeepney


Things to Bring:

  • Trail Food
  • Water
  • Sun protection
  • First aid kit
  • Camera
  • Headlamp/ Flashlight


Have you ever tried hiking before? Where? Tell me about your experience! Just comment below.  

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  1. dakilanglaagan

    Short but concise. Perfect for recommendation for those who’d like to try trailblazing and going to the peak. Nice entry Neth! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    12 . Aug . 2016
    • Roneth Politud

      Yey! Thanks Marj. 🙂

      12 . Aug . 2016
  2. Adrenaline Romance

    It has been some time since we set foot on this mountain. Planning to visit here again soon. 🙂

    12 . Aug . 2016
    • Roneth Politud

      As for me, I’m hoping I can tag along with you in your adventures. Haha. 🙂 I’m a reader of your awesome blog! 😀

      12 . Aug . 2016
      • Adrenaline Romance

        Hehe! Sure you can. 🙂 You can always get in touch/chat with through our FB page.

        Usually, we go out adventuring or traveling during weekends. 🙂

        12 . Aug . 2016
        • Roneth Politud

          Yey! Haha. Noted! Thank you. 😀

          12 . Aug . 2016
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