Unyasan Beach is located in Barangay Capandan, Municipality of Cortes, Surigao del Sur.

The name Unyasan (Hunyasan) is from the bisaya word hunas or hunasan which means low tide.

Unyasan is not an island. It is commonly mistaken as an island because it is easier to visit the place via boat. Unyasan is very secluded and when you visit there, you can have the whole beach all by yourself!

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What you can expect visiting Unyasan Beach:

  • White sand
  • Beautiful beaches
  • You can use the two cottages.
  • You can cook barbeque
  • No comfort room
  • No Fee
  • Overnight is allowed
  • Since there is no fee, the owner is just asking the visitors to leave no trash behind!

How to get to Unyasan Beach

The beach is very secluded so it is important to contact someone you know who is currently living in the area.

If you do not know anyone, I suggest visiting first Barangay Capandan and ask for the caretaker or owner of Unyasan.

Once you arrived in Barangay Capandan, you need to take a boat ride going to Unyasan Beach. It is more or less than 10 minutes ride. The cost is Php50-70 per head.

Our Experience in Unyasan Beach

My family and my sister’s friends went to Unyasan Beach to celebrate in advance my sister’s graduation. 

We arrived in Barangay Capandan around 10 in the morning. We made sure to brought food with us for our lunch since the beach is isolated.

It was an exciting beach day for me because it was my first time visiting Unyasan. Well, to be accurate, it was the first time for most of us. I think my parents already visited Unyansan before.

While waiting for our boat, we saw a boat race! Not realizing that the same boats will take us to Unyansan.

The boats going to Unyasan were very small. It was scary and fun at the same time because the boat keeps on wiggling! Nevertheless, we arrived safely at the beach.

The water was very nice and the sand was white. We noticed that the beach is very desirable to surf. It has decent waves. A few of my sister’s high school classmates are surfers and they regretted not knowing that the place is good for surfing.

When we arrived, the weather was nice, and then a few moments later, it started pouring. Which makes a perfect excuse for swimming!

We had a fun day altogether and I am looking forward to visiting Unyasan Beach again. I hope next time, we can bring surfboards!


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