I must say that these waterfalls in South Asia really makes me want to travel soon.

Waterfalls chasing is one of my favorite things to do in my country, Philippines. I’ve been wanting to visit this part of Asia and I hope I can visit at least one waterfalls on this list.

Here are some tips and quick guides on how to chase these waterfalls in South Asia.

Athirapilly waterfalls in Kerala,  India

Athirapilly waterfalls is located in the Chalakudy district of Thrissur in the state of Kerala,  India. This majestic waterfalls stands at an elevation of 390 feet and is considered to be one of the biggest waterfalls in India. It originates from the Chalakudy river, which is a tributary of the Periyar River. Situated in the Western Ghats, there are many popular places to visit near Athirapilly,  like the Thumburmuzhi hanging bridge and Vazhachal waterfalls. Athirapilly is also a popular shooting spot and has featured in various Indian movies. 

You can fly to Cochin International Airport and reach Athirapilly waterfalls by road. Frequent buses services are available in this route from major cities in Kerala. You can also take the train to Chalakudy and get buses or cabs to Athirapilly. 

There are many hotels and resorts in and around Athirapilly area. Athirapilly waterfalls and the forest surrounding it is home to several endangered species of flora and fauna. You have to purchase a ticket at the entrance to the Athirapilly waterfalls,  which can also be used to visit the Vazhachal waterfalls.

You can also try some traditional Kerala style cuisine at the hotels in and around Athirapilly. It is a great place to for those who enjoy nature and the charm if the mountains.

– Neethu, ourbackpacktales.com

Chitrakoot Waterfalls in Bastar, Chhattisgarh, India

Dubbed the ‘Niagara Falls of India,’ the Chitrakoot Waterfalls might not be as well-known as North America’s natural spectacle in the west. In Asia, people travel from all over the continent to take in the beauty of the Chitrakoot Waterfalls, which is located in the Bastar district of Indian State Chhattisgarh. The waterfall height is about 95 ft and width of 980 ft, making it India’s largest and widest waterfall.

Easily accessible by roads once in the general vicinity, there are two airports nearby – one in the capital Raipur, and the other in Visakhapatnam – that make getting to the Chitrakoot Falls relatively straightforward. The best time to visit the falls is between September and November when rains have stopped, and still, you will find an abundance of water gushing out.

Some of the top things to do around the falls are picnicking with family, boat rides, marveling at the scenic beauty, and taking beautiful pictures. 

Planning a vacation around a visit to the Chitrakoot Waterfalls is also made easier and all the more luxurious by the prevalence of hotels in the area. A government-run hotel called Dandami Luxury Resort-Cottages is the best place to stay, with delicious restaurants, modern facilities, affordable rates, and incredible views of the falls.

– Nikki, attractionsofamerica.com

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Nohkalikai Falls in India

Nohkalikai Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India. It is the 4th highest waterfall in India jumping from a whopping height of 335 meters into a deep gorge of East Khasi Hills in the state of Meghalaya. This amazing waterfall has a tragic story behind its name.

The word Noh-Ka-Likai means “the jump of Likai” in Khasi language. According to local myth Ka Likai (Ka is the prefix used to denote female gender in Khasi) was a widow who lived in a nearby village with her infant daughter. She married again hoping that her husband will look after her child when she would be out for work.

But her husband became morbid jealous about the love and bonding between Likai and her child. One day while Likai went out for work, he killed the little one and cooked a meal with her flesh. When Likai came back home, she was offered that meal. Likai took it unknowingly what she was eating. When she came to know the truth she became mad in anger and grief and started to run amok. Ultimately she jumped from the cliff where the Falls is located and ended her life.

The waterfall is 7 km away from Cherrapunjee town, 2nd wettest place on earth. Being fed by rainwater it looks more beautiful in monsoon. Though monsoon cloud can obstruct the view it also transforms the falls into a magical destination. Best time to go there is in the late morning or early afternoon when the view tends to be more clear during the rainy season.

There are few other waterfalls near Cherrapunjee which are nothing less spectacular. Kynrem Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls, Dainthlen Falls, Weisawdong Falls are some of them which you should not miss also if you are planning to visit Nohkalikai Falls.

– Subhadeep, mytravelframes.com

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Naran Valley in Pakistan

If you are looking for the most breathtaking waterfalls in Asia, a visit to Pakistan’s northern areas is a must. Home to some of the tallest mountains, greenest meadows, and bluest lakes on earth, you’ll encounter plenty of crystal-clear freshwater springs in the Karakoram Mountain Range. One region that left me in awe specifically was the beautiful Naran Valley in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Driving along the roads near the popular tourist spots of Naran and Kaghan, you’ll find a plethora of beautiful waterfalls – some smaller, some bigger, some coming from nearby rivers, and some from the melting glaciers. But all of them are crystal-clear. In fact, the water is so clear that you can even fill up your own water bottles there without any health concerns. One word of warning about this, though, is that the water can be quite forceful. While most waterfalls aren’t big enough to pose a significant safety risk, you likely won’t manage to fill up your bottle without getting soaking wet. Luckily, to solve that problem almost every little spring has a pipe next to it that allows travelers to bottle up the water much more conveniently.

As one of Pakistan’s number one touristic regions, the Naran Valley is relatively easy to reach. There are plenty of organized tours and direct buses to the area in Pakistan, however, they likely won’t stop to let you marvel at the beautiful waterfalls. Therefore, I strongly recommend hiring a private driver to take you to Naran for much more freedom. You’ll find plenty of them near the major tourist attractions in Islamabad. For your own safety, please only choose drivers who have experience driving in the northern areas and never attempt to drive yourself since the Karakoram Highway is one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

– Arabela, thespicytravelgirl.com

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Diyaluma Falls in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is full of spectacular waterfalls, but the most breathtaking one is without a doubt the Diyaluma Falls. With a quite impressive height of 220 meters, it is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. While the falls are already a magnificent sight from the bottom, the real adventure is swimming in the natural pools at the top and watching the water plunge 220-meters straight down below you. It honestly feels like you’re on top of the world!

If floating close to the edge of a 220-meter drop feels too risky or vertigo-inducing, then go a little bit upstream, where the upper part of the Diyaluma Falls cascade down over a couple more tiers. At the upper falls, the drop is a lot less, so if you tumble over the edge here, there isn’t much to worry about. In fact, local kids often hang out here and jump from the upper pool into the big and deep plunge pools under them.

Make sure to bring your swimwear and plenty of sunscreen, the top of the falls don’t have any shelter and the Sri Lankan sun is not to be ignored. Also, be extra cautious after strong rainfall as the water flow at the top of the falls can get stronger, making it dangerous to jump in the pools at the top.

The Diyaluma Falls is located about an hour from Ella. Most sources tell you to hire a tour guide from the bridge at the bottom of the falls to guide on a hike of over an hour to the top. Locals will tell you that there are all sorts of dangers on the way there, like roaming elephants and deadly snakes. Most of those dangers are a complete lie, and there is a far easier and shorter way to get to the top. Download this pdf guide that tells you exactly how to get to the top without the extra sweat or an unnecessary paid guide.

– Tom & Zi, wearecravingadventure.com

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Ramboda Falls in Sri Lanka

During our month in Sri Lanka this year, we were able to visit three waterfalls, among which Ramboda falls stood out the most. You can visit it on the way to Ella or Nuwara Eliya tea plantations after you’ve seen all the beautiful and romantic places in Kandy. It’s the eleventh highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the one you shouldn’t miss while exploring the Hill Country.

There are quite a few viewpoints along the road from which you can see this waterfall, but not many people know about the closest one. You need to ask around and pass through the hotel to get there but there are almost no tourists around! Even better, if you climb just a bit down the wild overgrown path, you’ll most likely be the only one at the foot of the breathtaking Ramboda waterfall.

This was an amazing experience, being there just the two of us, embracing the strength and power of all that water falling off the cliff. Watching Ramboda Falls from the distance, you have no idea how great and big it is until you stay right under feeling the water spraying all around you. Compared to Ravana Falls we visited next that was covered with dozens of people on every turn, this truly felt magical.

– Julie, liveyourdream.today

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St Clair’s Falls in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s “Little England” region is packed with beautiful waterfalls, particularly, Nuwara Eliya. One of the most beautiful waterfalls here is definitely St Clair’s Falls. This waterfall is actually known as the Little Niagara of Sri Lanka and is one of the widest waterfalls in the country. You can reach this waterfall via a scenic drive through tea fields which is around 25 km from Nuwara Eliya’s town centre. This takes around 40 minutes on a moped, and moped rental is the best way to get to the falls. Having your own moped will allow you to experience the beautiful surroundings, and stop off at one of the many tea houses on the way (St Clair’s Tea Centre or Tea Castle are excellent choices for epic views!). You can easily rent mopeds from the town centre in Nuwara Eliya. 

To get to this waterfall, you can either drive to one of the various viewpoints that are signposted on the road OR if you want to get up closer, then you need to drive as close as possible into one of the local villages close to the waterfall and take the walk from there. The walk is right through tea plantations and the locals are always happy to guide you and it’s a good way to mingle with the local community. This will allow you to get as close as you can to this amazing waterfall! You can even stay in villas that overlook the falls, which looks amazing. Even though the temperatures in Nuwara Eliya are lower than other areas of Sri Lanka, it still gets very warm, so head early to avoid walking in peak sunshine. 

–Cazzy, dreambigtravelfarblog.com

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