The question I always hear is… Where to apply for an online job?

I’ve been freelancing for three years now and I am still not a pro at it. I’m still learning and doing a lot of work to make my skills better.

I remember that it was very difficult for me to land a job because I never had a solid experience in freelancing. To be honest, this blog is the only thing I have to showcase my skills and the work that I can do. It made my journey a bit easy because I have a portfolio to show, but still, it took me a lot of rejected applications before I had my first freelance work.

If you are a beginner, here are a few platforms to apply where you can land your first client.

Where to Apply for an online job? is a platform where Filipino freelancers connect to employers who need help.

How does it work? You apply for the job directly to the client, and it removes the middle man. It will be you and the client to discuss how you want your hours to be recorded or if you want a fixed salary, and how you will receive your salary.

I got my first client as a writer. It was a good first client and a good gig. However, during this experience, I realized that I do not want to offer my writing skill because I am not good at writing especially if I am not passionate about the topic.

TIP: If you are a first time freelancing, it is good to try different roles and offer different skills until you find you that works for you.


Upwork is a freelancing platform where enterprises and individuals connect in order to conduct business. It offers a range of jobs from hourly to fixed projects, short-long term projects, and even entry-level to expert-level tasks.

Upwork is my most used platform to find clients.

I like Upwork because you do not need to worry about how your clients can pay you. You’ll have all your payments on the platform, however, Upwork gets 20% cut for your first $500 income per client.


I knew a lot of people who got clients and jobs through Facebook.

It is good practice to introduce your skills to your friends and maybe your friends know someone who needs your skillset.

You can find a lot of Facebook groups too where you can apply for Freelancing Jobs.

I hope this list is helpful for your freelancing journey.

If you have more tips, please share on the comments below.

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