I’ll be sharing with you an amazing list of waterfalls in West and East Asia.

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5 Stunning Waterfalls in West and East Asia 1

Shifen Waterfall in Taiwan

Shifen Waterfall 30 km east of Taipei, Taiwan is undoubtedly one of Asia’s most breathtaking waterfalls. Measuring 20 metres high and 40 metres wide Shifen is Taiwan’s broadest waterfall and nicknamed ‘Little Niagara of Taiwan’ as a consequence.

A day trip to Shifen from Taipei is a hugely popular excursion, not just for the opportunity to visit the waterfall but also Shifen Old Street and neighbouring small villages such as Jiufen and Houtong.

From Taipei main station catch one of the numerous train services that reach Ruifang in just 50 minutes and then a local Pingxi service to Shifen. As well as a popular release spot for Chinese lanterns here the train tracks run through the centre of the village providing tourists with a wonderful photo opportunity.

Shifen waterfall is located around 1 mile or a 20-minute walk northeast of the old town. Part of a municipal park entry to the falls themselves are free and possible during the summer months between 09.00 and 18.00.

There are several viewing points surrounding the falls, most of which also easily accessible to wheelchair users. The prime one situated directly opposite granting visitors a perfect panorama. The most fortunate will also be treated to a stunning rainbow through the waterfall mist.

A day trip combining Shifen Waterfall with the stunning villages of Pingxi is a must do on your trip to this incredible country.

– Paul, thetwothatdo.com

Ng Tung Chai Falls, New Territories, Hong Kong

Do you think the East Asian city of Hong Kong is just skyscrapers and crowds? Would you believe that 40% of Hong Kong is part of nature reserves called Country Parks? These parks are home to hundreds of hills with hundreds of trails leading to things like secluded beaches, fishing villages, bamboo forests, reservoirs, streams and waterfalls.

Hidden away near the Ng Tung Chai Village in the New Territories (accessible by bus 64K) is a series of four waterfalls called Ng Tung Chai Falls. These falls lay under the shadow of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest hill, in the Tai Mo Shan Country Park. An 11 kilometre loop along a well-marked local trail will give you a close-up view of each of the four falls. 

The aptly named Bottom Fall (250m) is just a taste of what’s coming. Another 10 minutes on trail brings you to possibly the most mesmerising fall; Middle Fall (285m). Then the trail gets markedly steeper and narrower, but the reward of the 30m Main Fall (410m), is well worth it! You can even swim in the pool below this fall. Another short but steep climb brings you to the last fall, Scatter Fall (485m). As the name suggests, it’s more spread out than the other falls. You can see them all in about four hours, or bring a picnic and make a day of it!

– Kez, k-in-motion.com

5 Stunning Waterfalls in West and East Asia 2

David Waterfall in Ein Gedi, Israel

Getting There: You need to arrive by bus (Frequent service from Jerusalem), or by car to the

Ein Gedi Natural Reserve. From the Ticket’s office to the waterfall, continue on foot about one kilometer along the David Stream on a well-marked path.

The David waterfall is only 25 meters tall, and its water flow is no exception. So why should you visit it?

The waterfall is in the heart of the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea (The lowest place on earth – Altitude 400 meters below Sea Level!). It is a dry and barren region where rainfall is rare. The sight of the green oasis full of vegetation and the water flow in the David stream are enchanting. At the end of a one-kilometer pleasant walk along the stream, you reach the David Waterfall dropping down 36 meters.

Another good reason to visit David Waterfall is the historical significance of the place.

Ein Gedi is an ancient place mentioned several times in the Bible. Just above the waterfall, there is a small cave called Dudim Cave. According to the tradition, in this cave, the young David (Not a king yet), was hiding when he fled from King Saul around 1000 BCE. 1 Samuel 23:29: “And David went up from thence, and dwelt in strongholds at Engedi “.

– Erez, hike-israel.com

5 Stunning Waterfalls in West and East Asia 3

Jermuk Waterfalls in Armenia

Jermuk is a mountain spa resort town in the south of Armenia, located at around 2000 meters above sea level. It is rich with mineral springs and underground geysers. About 4 kilometers from the resort is located magnificent Jermuk waterfall. With 70 m height, it is the second-largest waterfall in Armenia. The Jermuk waterfall is also called mermaid’s hair as it resembles the hair of a woman. According to the legend, on the cliffs of the waterfall, the house of an Armenian nobleman was situated. The nobleman had a very beautiful daughter and men from all over the world wanted to marry her. However, she only loved the handsome son of the shepherd. Every day after midnight she threw a long rope into the gorge so that her sweetheart could get through her window. One day, the nobleman found the rope and cursed his daughter saying: “If you meet him again, I want you to become a mermaid and never be able to get out of water.” At night, the girl threw the braid instead of the rope and turned into a mermaid, and her hair turned into a waterfall.

How to get there:

Marshrutkas (minibusses) depart from the Kilikia Bus Station in Yerevan. The journey takes about 3 hours. 

The best time to visit is late spring and autumn. In summer, especially July-August,  it can get unbearably hot outside.

– Anna, bigworldshortstories.com

Gveleti waterfall in Georgia

Gveleti waterfall is located close to Kazbegi in Georgia.

Kazbegi is in the middle of the Caucasus mountains on the border with Russia. There are many interesting sights in the area. Things to do in Kazbegi includes the Gergeti Trinity Church, the views of Mt Kazbek, which is over 5,000 metres high, and the many hikes in the surrounding area. One such hike is the half-day trek to the Gveleti waterfall.

There are actually two waterfalls, often referred to as the ‘small’ and ‘large’ waterfalls. The walk takes about one hour and is suitable for all abilities. To get to the larger of the two, look for a red arrow on a stone when the path splits. The best photos can be taken in the late morning when the sun shines on the waterfall.

If you are on a budget consider hitchhiking (Georgia is a safe destination) since there is no public transport to Gveleti. Otherwise, a taxi is the best way to get to the start of the trail and the driver will wait for you to complete the hike and take you back to Kazbegi. Taking a taxi also allows you to stop at Tsdo village and Dariali Gorge.

Kazbegi is three and a half hours by car or four hours by minibus from Tbilisi, the capital in Georgia. It is a popular destination and there are many hotel and restaurant options. It is worth visiting the high-end Rooms spa hotel for a drink or meal to take in the views of Mt Kazbek from the sun terrace. Or better still, stay overnight.

– Kristin, adventureswithensuite.com

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