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Ultimate DIY Guide to Sugba Lagoon in Siargao Island


The first time I visited Siargao Island, all I wanted to do was to surf since it is the surfing capital of the Philippines. It turned out that the island offered (and still can offer) more than its well-known waves from the pacific. Me and my friends stayed only for four days and it was a good trip. However, it was not enough.

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Recently, I visited Siargao Island with my boyfriend and we intended to stay longer so we opted for a 9 days trip.

One of the things I want to try in Siargao is to visit Sugba Lagoon. We missed it during our first visit and I was really happy we finally did it this time.

A little information about Sugba Lagoon. It is located in Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte. The lagoon is hidden in a remote island surrounded with mangroves and beautiful islands with rock formation. It is said that the area is second largest mangrove system in the Philippines with more than 4200 hectares.

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How to get to Sugba Lagoon

From General Luna to Del Carmen. It will be almost an hour drive.

  • It is much cheaper to go via motorbike. You can rent one for only Php350 per day.
  • Other option is to rent a tricycle. The cost will be around Php1000-1500. Always haggle and it will be more cheaper if you will be in group.
  • If you want convenient you can also rent a van. Maybe around Php3000 for a day.

DIY Sugba Lagoon | The Fickle Feet

Costs and Expenses

Entrance Fee:

  • Php50 for Local Tourist
  • Php100 for Foreign Tourist

Boat: Php1,600 good for 6 persons. Excess is Php200 per head and the maximum is only 9 guest per boat. The boat ride is 30 minutes ride going to Lagoon.

Food: We brought our own food so I recommend to do the same to cut expenses. However, there is an available menu in Sugba Lagoon.

Table: Php50 (We rented two tables since we were a big group)


  • Stand Up Paddle Board (Php200 per hour)
  • Bamboo Raft (Php100 per hour)
  • Kayak is also available (Not sure about the price but I think it is also Php200 per hour)
  • Jump from the diving platform is for free

DIY Sugba Lagoon | The Fickle Feet

Our Experience

We were 15 people with 12 motorbikes convoying our way to Del Carmen. It was almost an hour drive from General Luna. It was a super long ride that my own butt hurts.

I was a little bit worried about the weather since the day before we went to Sugba Lagoon it was raining so hard. Luckily, the moment we visited the Lagoon we had a good weather.

When we arrived in Del Carmen Port, we sorted our expenses for the boat and entrance fee. Like most of the tourist spots, the fees for the locals and foreigners were different. Our new friends were a little bit upset with that fact. So if you have a guest who looks like a Filipino, my tip is don’t let them talk so that they can avail the local tourist entrance fee. Haha.

DIY Sugba Lagoon | The Fickle Feet

Before going to the Lagoon, I saw a dead crocodile’s preserved body displayed near the ticketing office. Well, that image made my crazy mind imagining different scenarios involving the crocodile. Of course I did not look worried because I didn’t want my friends to be paranoid. Good thing was we did not encounter any crocodiles along the way.

On our way to the lagoon, we passed by the massive mangroves in the area. There were also small islands with rock formations. A little bit farther, there were houses also. The water was not clear at first but good thing was as we went closer to the Lagoon the water became clearer. That made me happy and less paranoid about the crocs.

We arrived just around 11am. We settled and rented some tables. Other’s went for a swim and did some jumps in the diving platform, while others (and me) went for the stand-up paddle board.

After lunch, we went swimming in the other area. Tried to do a bit of freediving. As we went to the underwater precipice, dead corals caught my eyes. It was a sad scenery but at least there were still healthy corals around.

Overall, I had a great time with my new-found friends in the island. Sugba Lagoon was a beautiful place and I recommend it to everyone.

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  1. maryrosebsMaryrose

    Hi! I would like to ask, pwede dumiretso ng sugba lagoon kung manggagling ng sayak airport? 3pm dating namin sa siargao, abot pa kaya sa sugba lagoon? we’re planning to go directly to sugba lagoon because we only have 3 days 2 nights in siargao 🙁

    10 . Jan . 2018
    • Roneth Politud

      Hello Mary Rose, you’ll have limited time sa Sugba Lagoon. It depends on you if you’ll take the risk. But I think it would be better if you’ll settle in your accommodation then explore General Luna first.

      11 . Jan . 2018
  2. BEA

    Hi, I would like to ask if how deep po is the water in Sugba Lagoon? Hope you can respond ?

    19 . Mar . 2018
    • Roneth Politud

      Hello Bea, there’s a shallow area near the cottage. In the diving platform, I think it is not deep, maybe at least 7 meters depends if it is high or low tide. Though I do not know the exact depth. It is better to have a life jacket in case you do not know how to swim. 🙂

      20 . Mar . 2018
  3. Jess ray ando

    Hi is it safe to do kayaking,paddling near the mangrove area of sugba lagoon coz I’m thinking that maybe there’s a croc hiding there…so scary

    25 . Mar . 2018
    • Roneth Politud

      They have some crocodiles displayed in the registration. Pretty much there are still crocodiles in the area. Plus, the water near the mangrove is not really clear (really scary if you’ll ask me).

      25 . Mar . 2018
  4. Princess

    Hi! What is the estimated budget for this entire siargao trip?

    21 . Apr . 2018
  5. Kristine

    Hi! Great blog. We like the idea of taking our motorbikes to Del Carmen. Can you safely leave the rental motorbike at the port?

    28 . Jan . 2020
    • Roneth Politud

      We left our motorbikes at the port. I think it is perfectly okay. Thank you for dropping by. 🙂

      28 . Jan . 2020
  6. Manuel Cabrera

    Love the blog!

    Only thing i’m not so sure on is how to rent a boat to get to Sugba Lagoon. My girlfriend and I are planning to stay in the northern part of the island in Alegria. But we will ride our motor bikes to Del Carmen. My question is will there be enough rental boats to get to Sugba Lagoon? I’m afraid of getting there to then only be told there is no more boats leaving port to Sugba Lagoon. Is there a way to pre-book a rental boat?

    16 . Feb . 2020
    • Roneth Politud

      Thanks Manuel, Boats go back and forth from Sugba Lagoon to the Port since the boat ride is 30 minutes ride going to Lagoon.
      If you want to have a pre book, you can avail a package tour going to Sugba Lagoon. Hope this helps.

      16 . Feb . 2020

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