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Into the Woods Experience at Bacalla Woods Campsite (plus Bugho Falls)


Early this year I joined Cebu Blogging Community where I met new people who also share the same thing that I enjoy the most, blogging. It was and still is an overwhelming experience to be part of this community who supports and encourages all members to create good content for their own blog and niches.

For a couple of months as a member, I never participated in any events and invites in the community posted in the group. (Though there’s one movie event but it was for all not just blogger. The good part was, it was free! 😀 ) I do want to attend some of those events, especially the ones with free food, but I’m still weighing and thinking what contents I want in my blog. I have my own reasons though and mind you, A LOT of it and it’s another topic.

And finally, I’ve been able to attend one event organized by Hannah of Bean in Transit. This is a Php 1,000.00 travel challenge. Well, from the name itself you can understand the aim of the challenge, to only spend less than a thousand for a weekend getaway. It’s the second challenge already, the first one is a chasing waterfalls event in south of Cebu and I wasn’t able to attend the first one because I went to Hong Kong. Now, that I have the time, how could I miss it!?

It was actually a good way to know better my fellow members in CBC. Reading their blog and talking to them is very different. To see their facial expressions and their body language means you can have a good conversation with them. Which is a good way to start a new bond and relationship together.

Bacalla Woods Campsite

How our challenge went?

We divided into three groups. The first took the bus from Cebu City, the other rode Ryan’s car, and us, who met in Minglanilla.

The one who took the public transport (including us) met in San Isidro Road or Iskina Dako. We arrived in Bacalla Wood Campsite first around 4PM. The other group had some car trouble and arrived late around 7PM. They had the food, which means we were starving while waiting for them. We got worried since there wasn’t any network coverage to contact them. So we were worried and hungry at the same time. At that moment, I wasn’t quite sure what emotions I had to prioritize first. Hahaha.

Bacalla Woods Campsite

Bacalla Woods Campsite

Bacalla Woods Campsite

Bacalla Woods Campsite

We cooked together, and prepared our meal for an instagram worthy food array. A lot of phones and camera were bugging over our a la boodle fight dinner. Since we’ve been waiting for hours, it was the best meal of the day. Pat us on the back since we successfully did not turn into zombies while waiting for our dinner buffet.

Bacalla Woods Campsite

And so the night took over the campsite and the moon shined so bright. (Really it happened, you might think I just typed it since it sounds good. 😛 ) Since we didn’t have any access to the cyber world, we had some GTKY event. We asked some questions, the obvious and the weird ones, including ‘What was your first email address?’ Question. It was good to know them even better through this kind of game. Some follow up questions are even too personal but all of them were okay to share some deep stuff. Also, we had some card games. I was the game master! Hahaha. Since I’m not really good in games, I just initiated it and I volunteered to be the moderator instead.


After the GTKY, we went near the bonfire. We chose and settled in our own spot and made a circle. Then the serious stuff begun to unfold. Haha. Honestly, I didn’t have any background of almost half of what they were talking. I think it was too serious and I’m too out of the picture that it dozed me. Though, I had some idea, maybe one or two, but as much as I wanted to help on the matter, I don’t have enough knowledge related to that. (Not to be disclosed because I was dozed. Woah, It rhymed!)

Bugho Falls

Bugho Falls in San Fernando, Cebu

On our day two in the campsite, we had a beautiful morning with a great weather. Our next activity was to go on a hiking adventure and visit Bugho Falls.

They told us that it would only take an hour to get there. Guess what? It took us two hours and a half to see this waterfalls. You might get a bad impression, but I’m not complaining. I’m just sharing some details of our hike. Hehe. And so, we had the falls all by ourselves.

It was not that big, not too small but mind you it looks beautiful, a beauty of nature. Facing the falls, the cascade is located on the left side. It has a Jacuzzi like formation on top of it. On the right side, you can climb and do some cliff jumping. Also, it has a vast formation of rocks and small pool as you walk towards the river.

While on our way we encountered some locals and asked us where we were going. I said ‘to the falls’. They affirmed ‘Oh to Kawasan Falls’.

Bugho Falls in San Fernando, Cebu

Bugho Falls in San Fernando, Cebu

Bugho Falls in San Fernando, Cebu

Some took a dip in the pool, some chose to stay dry, including me, some did cliff jumping, but overall we had fun, and indeed it was a beautiful day as I said earlier.

We went back to the campsite via motorbike and it only took us a 20 minute-ride, that fast! We prepared our things and declared a successful 1,000 Peso Challenge.

1000 Peso Challenge

Via Cebu Blogging Community Page


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My Expenses:

Van (from Cebu City to Minglanilla) – Php50.00

Lunch (Boyf house #Nakikain) – Free

Jeepney (from Miglanilla to San Fernando – Php15.00

Habal Habal (from San Fernando Road to Bacalla Woods Campsite – Vice Versa) – Php80.00

Food Expense – Php187.00

Campsite overnight stay with breakfast – Php150.00

Treking (per head) – Php50.00

Juice – Php10.00

Buko – Php15.00

Habal Habal (From Bugho falls to Bacalla Woods Campsite) – Php50.00

Total Expenses: Php607.00

Bacalla Woods Campsite Details

How to get there?

You can take the bus in South Bus Terminal or you can commute via jeepney. Just follow the map below.

Cost and Contacts

via Bacalla Woods Campsite Page

Watch the Video for more!

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  1. Tiffany Cruz

    Hi! Is it allowed to bring food? Is there any corkage??

    16 . Oct . 2017
    • Roneth Politud

      Yes, you can bring your own foods. ?

      16 . Oct . 2017
  2. Gerard Niño Labiste

    Hi ron! is there any activity that we can do inside the campsite? or we have to go out just like what you did?

    09 . Jan . 2018
    • Roneth Politud

      Hello Gerard, most of the activities are outside the camp but if you will go there in a group, pretty much you can do a lot of things just inside the camp. 🙂

      09 . Jan . 2018
  3. Jay

    Hi, katong house nga gi rent ninyo kay pila to?

    25 . Jan . 2018
    • Roneth Politud

      Entrance ra gi bayran namo P150 ra per person.

      25 . Jan . 2018
  4. Catherine

    Hello Ms Roneth,how did you cook your rice? ?

    29 . Jan . 2018
    • Roneth Politud

      Hello Catherine, we used their available pots. 🙂 They were very friendly and helpful during our visit.

      29 . Jan . 2018

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