After our amazing experience chasing whale sharks in Pintuyan. We went directly to Limasawa island.

Some of my friends visited the island and I heard a lot of good things about it. Actually, when we went there, half of the group had already been to Limasawa island. It was a concrete Limasawa Islandproof that the island is not just a one-time experience but it is a place worth visiting back.

Photo by @vagabondluis

The Arrival

We used up all our energy chasing the whale shark, and we were exhausted on our way to the island.

It was an hour boat ride from Pintuyan, and we arrived at Dak Dak Resort just before sunset.

A coconut tree with a swing was near the area and some of my friends tried it. I was surprised that they still had the energy to try the swing. I, on the other hand, was tired and all I wanted to do was to get some sleep.

Nevertheless, I laughed with them (or at them. HAHA). And I had fun watching them fooling around.

We settled our belongings in a hut and asked the caretaker how much we should pay. We had quite a misunderstanding regarding the payment. Maybe because we were tired and did not listen very well, or the old lady did not explain it well. Either way, we paid Php25 each for the entrance fee. And those who wanted to sleep in their tents paid Php200 for each tent.

The Night of Embarrassment

Since I was tired and I wanted to sleep in order to recharge and have enough energy for tomorrow’s activity.

I showered, changed my clothes, and put away my free diving gear and clothes to dry.

At first, I decided to sleep in a tent but in the end, I opted to sleep on a hammock. It was way more comfortable even though it meant that my boyfriend will sleep outside on top of the bench. Haha. He loves me so he was willing to sacrifice for my happiness. Haha.

It was still early, around 6:30PM and I napped for a little bit.

The moment I woke up, I was starving. It is not always a good sign when I’m hungry especially if I just woke up.

I was grumpy. I wanted to be a nice girlfriend and so I was looking for Hernan, my boyfriend for us to eat dinner together.

I thought they went for a night swim. While looking for him, I saw some lights on the other side, quite far from where I was sleeping. I know for a fact that he brought his underwater flashlight, so figured they went snorkeling. And so, I walked towards the direction where I see the light feeling hangry (hungry + angry).

I screamed at THE top of my lungs calling his name.

“Hernaan! Hernaaaaan! Hernaaaaaan!”

The light stopped moving and they pointed it at me. Then they continue swimming.

I was angry since he was not swimming toward me so I screamed again.

“Hernaan! Hernaaaaan! Hernaaaaaan!”

The light pointed again at me. I was a bit confused why he was not running (or swimming) when it was very obvious that he heard me screaming.

Disappointed and starving. I walked to the canteen and ordered my dinner. I wanted to eat, and I will eat without him because he didn’t care.

With my food in my hand, I went to our cottage. I started eating and complaining about how my boyfriend ignored me.

And to my surprise, he arrived with our friends. They brought food and drinks.

Guess what? I was wrong. Embarrassingly wrong.

They were not the ones swimming. They were not the ones I screamed at earlier. Twice!

I laughed and was embarrassed about what I did but I continued to eat.

Photo by @Badjaw_

Ending the night with a question

After dinner, they started to drink. I did not since I was really tired and I’m pretty sure alcohol would make it worse.

We talked about travels, how we got into free diving, and funny crappy things in between.

“What sea creatures do you want to be?” one asked.

I answered seahorse for a silly reason. So that men will give birth. Haha.

Mostly answered turtle. But our awesome photographer claimed that they can’t be a turtle. We all laughed because we know for a fact that he has a tattoo of a turtle shell on his entire back.

Photo bY @_bad.jaw_

The beauty of Limasawa

The next day, our only agenda was to see the beauty of Limasawa’s blue water. We were very excited to dive and see the wonderful corals they have been talking about.

We went to the Sanctuary and told our boatmen to be back at noon. Then we settled our things and started preparing our dive gears. Since we did not have any buoys, others improvised using the styro balls they saw in the vicinity.

As we started swimming, the underwater beauty was visible and I was really happy that the corals were healthy. I saw enough damaged corals already through my travels and seeing them in their healthy forms made me happy.

I was a little worried while paddling our way to the other side because we were quite far apart from each other. Especially to those who were paddling alone. The number one rule in diving is to never dive alone and though technically paddling is not really diving, it is still better to have someone with you. But, I was fine because I had my boyfriend along the way. It was good that we were all able to meet in the end.

Photo by @Badjaw_

We stopped and started diving at the edge of the drop-off. The water was a little blurry but nevertheless, we had fun.

A friend was holding his GoPro while diving, facing the camera to himself not knowing others were fooling around at his back. Others were just enjoying diving with themselves, one breath at a time. While I on the other hand took some time before I started diving but eventually I was having fun like the rest.

After our diving session, we went to the rocky shore. While waiting for our boatmen to arrive and get us, we were playing some games like throwing rocks and stacking them trying to not make them fall. Others were sleeping and patiently waiting.

The waiting game was more than an hour and I felt really tired and sleepy at the same time.

Finally, our boatmen arrived, we hopped on the boat and ready to go to our next destination.

Have you been to Limasawa Island? How was your experience?

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