There are tons of outdoor activities you can do alone, but some of them would be a lot more fun with other people.

Sometimes, all we need is a friend, or a group of friends to share and enjoy an activity. No matter how hard or easy it is. Outdoor activities are a great way to stay active and be fit in a very captivating way, and it is also a nice way to have some fun.

Go invite your friends! Because the more the merrier, right?

So if you think that you were not so active for the past few months and if want to try new activities before the year ends, this list is great for you.



Mt. Naupa, Outdoor Activities
Mt. Naupa

Hiking is one of the easiest recreational outdoor activities you can try. There’s no equipment needed for this activity and almost everyone can do it. Even kids! It is also best for people who like to be fit and stay active.

If you like to breathe fresh air and loves nature. This activity will be great for you and your friends.

Just choose what kind of hike you like, a day hike or an overnight hike. Choose a location that suits what you want.

Day hike is perfect if you have limited time and it is also good if you just need a quick escape from your city life. But if want to spend more time, or have a weekend getaway, an overnight hike is wonderful. Spending more time with friends, with nature and having the best view is a great deal you can’t miss.


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Whale Shark Pintuyan Southern Leyte-2, Outdoor Activities
Pintuyan, Leyte

Freediving, also known as skin diving or breath-hold diving, is an extreme diving sport. It is an underwater diving that does not use scuba gear such as an oxygen tank. In freediving, the diver only relies on breath-holding which makes it quite intimidating for anyone to attempt.

Mask, snorkel, and fins are the basic equipment that you need. There are tons of classes available for this, you can check it online. All you need is good weather and calm water. Sometimes, it is also done in the pool.

The most important rule in freediving is to never dive alone. You need a buddy to watch you going down just in case for blackouts. Most freediving activity has someone who knows basic safety protocol. So do not worry. You should try this exciting activity with your friends before the year ends. Don’t wait for next summer!


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Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp. Dulag, Leyte, Philippines
Outdoor Activities
Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp

Surfing is addicting. That’s how people describe this activity. It is very exciting once you’re riding your surfing board. The feeling is overwhelming while you heart is beating so fast.

This outdoor activity is very enjoyable with a bunch of friends because you have someone to share about your experience. The thing is, when you are surfing you are only focusing on you, just you. You only think how to ride the board, the wave, the excitement. After your surf session, it is nice to share what happened.

It is enjoyable even as a beginner, instructors are  always available in a surfing beach. You can hire them for an affordable price.

Once you have tried it, let me know if is truly addicting.


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If you and your friends are adventurous. Canyoneering or Canyoning is one of the best options to venture. It is traveling in canyons using tons of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappelling, and swimming.

Usually done in groups so it is engaging with pals. You can test your limits and capabilities while doing this outdoor activity.

Plus, you can enjoy nature with beautiful view of interesting structures.

Watch our Canyoneering Youtube video!

Sky diving

Would you like to fly?

Skydiving is always on top of everybody’s bucket list.

Jumping more than 15000 feet in the air is totally one of the must try experiences every one should have.

There’s no question why skydiving is one of the most exciting, terrifying, and crazy outdoor activities. So why not do this with your friends and finally tick that imaginary to-do list you all have.

If you are from Cebu and you want to try sky diving with friends, you can check


theficklefeet_palawan, Outdoor Activities
Puerto Princesa

Caving is an outdoor activity that involves any type of underground discovery adventure.

If you like to explore the unknown and not afraid of confined places, this might be a good option for you and your buddies.

Caving is a bit dangerous so you mostly have a guide doing this activity. Nevertheless, seeing the stalactites and stalagmites formation is astounding scenery to see. And do not miss it before the year ends.


Skiing is a sport where the participants use skis to glide on snow.

If the cold doesn’t bother you, and you like thrilling activity, skiing is the best extreme outdoor activity for you and your friends.

Also, it is a good activity that helps you to be fit. Skiing works your core muscles and improves your posture, balance, and body strength, making it a great exercise for everyone.

This is not possible in the Philippines, but if given a chance to travel with friends during the winter season, I would definitely try skiing with them! I think that would be fun!

Island Hopping

Outdoor Activities
Phuket, Thailand

Island hopping is a fun outdoor activity where you hop from one island to another. Living in the Philippines, this can easily be done with your friends

I have to say that island hopping is my favorite of all of these outdoor activities. I’ve been to a 4-day island hopping before which was a crazy experience. Nevertheless, even a day of island hopping is already fun enough to spend with friends.


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