Sometimes, all we need is to say yes.

I already shared my first freediving experience here in the blog and I mentioned that my boyfriend invited me to try freediving. It was a memorable experience and I’m happy (until now) that I said YES to his invitation.

Through freediving, I experienced a lot of wonderful memories and feeling that I haven’t done and felt before. Underwater is a beautiful scenery and it gives a different feeling each time I can glimpse of marine life. All I want is to stay for a much longer time with every dive. Just one breath and I feel perfectly amazing!

I enjoy freediving so much, and I do it every time I am available on weekends. Sometimes, we go on a freediving trip with my friends. Good thing is that the Philippines has stunning marine ecosystem and there are thousands of islands to explore.

Nowadays, freediving is one of the must try activities in Cebu and a lot of my friends are asking about where to have classes, what gears to buy and etc. And so, I created this list for them, and for those who are thinking to try freediving here in the Philippines.


Where to get Freediving Course/Certification in Philippines?

Freediving School have different rates. Check out their respective facebook pages and website for more details and updates.

P.S. Some of them offers special rates and promos.

Remember always train with certified freediving instructors.


  • APNEA Philippines – Apnea Philippines provides Freediving Classes, Courses and Training by licensed Freediving instructors. They are mainly based in Batangas and travelling all over the Philippines to make Freediving accessible and affordable for Filipinos. They offer PADI certifications.
  • ManuMano Freedive Training Center –  ManuMano Freedive Training Center is the first Filipino Operated AIDA Freediving Center offering Freediving Courses in Metro Manila or Batangas, Philippines. They offer AIDA courses and certification.
  • Seazoned Philippines –  They offer diving events in the beautiful reefs of the Philippines to promote Freediving and Skindiving through basic education, safety and ecotourism. They have also AIDA certification available. Seazoned Philippines is based in Manila.
  • Freediving Dimension – Freediving Dimension is your freediving center in El Nido. They offer freediving courses and training from beginner to advanced. For more details check their website.
  • Azul Freediving – Azul Freediving is a RAID Freediving Center located in Batangas and Manila. The main goal of Azul Freediving is to teach self confidence and trust. Teaching freediving to non-swimmers up to advanced freedivers.


  • Orca Freedivers Philippines – I learned freediving from Orca Freedivers Philippines. They offer AIDA certification and conduct intro classes mostly in Mactan, Cebu. They also offered classes in Cagayan de Oro and other parts of Philippines.
  • FIM freedivers – FIM freedivers is a freediving & yoga school that does not only focus on helping you become better freedivers, but also help you become your best self. FIM Freedivers offers PADI and AIDA certification mostly conducted in Mactan or Moalboal in Cebu.
  • Pacific Blue Freediving – Pacific Blue Freediving will take you to your next underwater adventure. It offers intro classes and freediving courses by our licensed freediving RAID instructor right in the Island of Cebu. They offer RAID certification in Mactan, Cebu.
  • The Dive Channel Group –  Immerse yourself in the experience of a lifetime with The Dive Channel Group. They offer RAID certification in Mactan, Cebu. They also have Scuba Diving Courses available.
  • Freedive Panglao –  Freedive Pangalao want you to experience the underwater world of the Philippines. They offer Professional Freediving courses and training in the turquoise waters of Panglao Island, Bohol.


  • Palaka Siargao Dive Center – It is an International Diving and Freediving School, specialized in teaching PADI scubadiving courses and AIDA freediving courses, for beginners and experienced divers.

What Basic Freediving Gears to buy?

Freediving Low volume Mask

Choose a mask that fits properly your face. These are the following features to consider:

  • Low volume- for easier equalization.
  • Comfort- it should fit the shape of your face so that it will be comfortable when being compressed.
  • Clear lenses- to allow your buddy to see your eyes and check your condition.
  • Nose pocket – The nose pocket enables you to equalize the air in the mask. This is to prevent mask squeeze.

Freediving Snorkels

Freediving snorkels should be as simple as possible. Features you should look for:

  • Soft silicone mouthpiece-  make sure that it is comfortable so you don’t notice it in your mouth.
  • Medium-rigid – Not too flexible and not too rigid, just somewhere in-between would be great.
  • Simple – It could be straight or slightly curved bore
  • Buoyancy – Add a floater to avoid losing your snorkel. Also check it means of attaching it to your mask.o

Freediving Fins

There are 3 different types of blade for the freediving fins:

  • Plastic – Durable and Affordable. Good for beginners.
  • Carbon Fiber – Fragile and a bit expensive. Good for deep divers.
  • Fiberglass – Just like Carbon Fiber, it is Fragile and a bit expensive. Often used in spearfishing too.

List of Freediving Online Shops you can check

Freediving in Philippines: Freediving Schools, Online Community, Shops and Gears that you SHOULD know 1

Freediving Facebook Community you can join

  • Sawum Freedivers – Friendly and casual group of freediving hobbyists who get together to dive on the weekends in Cebu.
  • Manila Freedivers – Philippine freediving community. Open to all!
  • Iloilo freedivers – Meeting point for Iloilo freedivers, dive coaches, gear sale, buddy search, upcoming events and question you might have about freediving in the area.
  • Freediving Boracay – This group is a meeting point for freedivers in Boracay. If you are looking for a dive buddy, giving a lesson or selling a snorkel then feel free to post it in this group.

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Freediving in Philippines

Hope you will try Freediving and I wish this list can help you do that! 

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