One Sunday morning, we went on a day hike in Spartan Trail.

It’s been so long since my last hike and If I remembered correctly, my last one was also in Spartan Trail as well last 2019. I was very excited to join this group of hikers. Hiking is a very nice recreational activity. I always enjoy it.

What I love about the Spartan Trail is it offers different scenes and views. You will pass by a mountain where you can see the city, you will walk on a river trail and see pools and small waterfalls, you will be surrounded by trees and plants with thorns, you need to climb boulders to get through, and you will walk on the road!

There is too much going on in this trail that hikes do enjoy. That is why this is one of the favorite hikers’ go-to locations for climbs. It is perfect for a weekend hike!

Since my last hike in Spartan Trail was before the pandemic, I already forgot how difficult the climb was. HAHAHA.

Once you got to the top, you can actually choose to go down by a motorcycle. However, the group we are with wanted to do a loop.

I never did any loop before. HAHAHA. (This is only my second climb in Spartan Trail)

I can’t believe I said yes, to do the loop which made this hike a bit longer than I expected it. Honestly, I thought it would be easy, but during this part of the hike, my whole body was about to give up. If I can just roll over from the top until the end, I definitely would. HAHAHA.

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Spartan Trail
Spartan Trail
Spartan Trail
Spartan Trail

Realization during the hike

During this hike, I had this crazy realization….while I was struggling, while I was out of breath, and while I can’t even feel my legs anymore because I was so tired….. I FELT SO ALIVE.

I wanted to give up but I found myself pushing so hard until we reached the end of our hike. I NEVER FELT SO ALIVE for the longest time.

I think that’s what I’ve been craving while being too comfortable in this slow-paced life.

I craved for discomfort that will push me hard to do things I thought I couldn’t do. To experience things out of my comfort zone.

After the hike, I cried a lot because I can’t walk, my entire body aches, and I have blisters all over my feet. However, this exhaustion will never stop me…..

….to always seek discomfort in order to feel alive again and again.? 

Watch my vlog during Spartan Trail Cebu hike below!

Have you tried Spartan Trail before? How was your experience?

If you haven’t yet, would you want to try and hike here?