Can’t deny it, but I’ve been into surfing lately. It all started in Lanuza, then I got stoked in Mati, and tried it here in Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp in Dulag, Leyte. I don’t know what’s with this activity, and why it is so addicting so don’t ask me. Just try it and don’t ever blame me if you’ll be the next addict. Haha.

I must say that Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp is a good place for beginners. And as a beginner who tried to surf bigger waves more than I can handle. Let me tell you something. Your first few rides are memorable. It will make you love the sport or not. But if you’ll have a not-so-good experience on your first, just like me, don’t call it quits. Try it again and maybe on the second round it will be better. And I believe you have to choose a good place to try surfing and also don’t forget to have fun.

How to get to Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp?

Going there:

  • From Cebu – we took Ocean Jet going to Ormoc for Php600.00
    • Terminal Fee in Pier 1 : Php25.00
  • From Ormoc – Took a Van going to Baybay for Php70.00
  • From Baybay – Another Van going to  Dulag for Php120.00

Ask the driver to drop you at Sabang Surf Camp. The Van will drop you on the street corner of Sabang Surf Camp so just take a motorcycle for Php10.00.

Going back to Cebu or Option 2 going there:

  • From Dulag – Van going to Baybay for Php120.00
  • From Baybay – we took RoRo via Roble Shipping for Php290.00(economy).

This is our first choice going there and this was also the easier way but time was not in our favor so we took the longest route.



What Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp can offer?


You can get a non-air-conditioned room for only Php1000.00! Inclusive of 2 double-deck beds good for 4 people and a nice bathroom. If you’re with more than 4 people, you can ask for extra foam for Php100.00.
PS. The rooms have cute names! 🙂


There’s a restaurant at the Camp. They serve affordable meals. There’s no menu so just ask what’s available.

TIP: Just buy your own food and ask the staff to cook it for you. It’s cheaper!

PS. Their fruit shakes are good.


You can rent a surfing board for Php250.00/hour
The trainer is also Php250.00/hour
PS: They have limited boards and trainers. Try to haggle if you’re in groups so that everyone can enjoy surfing.

Surfing Buddies. (c) Miguel Calo


  • Try to do research when is the best time to visit Dulag. I believe the surfing season is in November-March.
  • Ask the locals what is the best time to surf. When it is not in season the waves are almost flat so you are lucky if you can surf with good waves. During our stay, we did catch some waves at 10:30AM.
  • Going to Dulag, try to choose option number 2 via Roro. It costs less but it will take longer.
  • Like what I said earlier. Buy your own food so you can save more. I prefer canned goods.
  • And don’t forget to visit Dao Balay Kawilan! It is near the camp.
  • If you have more time, go to Tacloban which is an hour away from Dulag.

Have you ever tried surfing before? Where? How was it? I like to hear your thoughts about it. 

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