I want to try something new for my next trip. I said that to myself. It could be simple, as long as it will be memorable. Then couchsurfing came to my mind. I tried to get a free accommodation and contacted people from couchsurfing who are located in Iloilo City. What happened was I wasn’t able to get a host, but I have met new people through this. This is my first time to meet couchsurfers and it was great. I met Juno, who’s from Ilo-ilo. He was nice and bubbly and a bit crazy actually. Hello Juno! 🙂

TRAVEL GUIDE: Visiting the Former Queen City of the South, Iloilo City 1
Left to Right: Hernan, me, Juno and Tom

On the First day, Juno let us tagged along as he was touring Tom, a counhsurfer from Poland. We were exploring the city by just walking while bringing our backpacks. I don’t mind walking, I actually love it, but I don’t like bringing heavy stuff. It was a wakeup call to me not to over pack during a trip. Haha. Our tour was fun as Juno is good tour guide. Thanks again Juno.

We explored the City on our own on the second day. Since Juno can’t come with us. He was still very kind answering all my questions of what’s-the-best and how-to-get-there. Since Iloilo City is not that big. Most of the time we were just walking. And thanks to Hernan for doing a great job reading the map and being the leader of our escapade.

 During this trip, I learned that Iloilo City was once called Queen City of the South. This is because of their economic status is bigger than the other city before. The historical structures can testify to that. I’m very happy to learn new things related to the past. This way, my travel is more meaningful. I can- at least a little- understand the present culture because of its history.

 After my trip, a friend asked me, “What’s in Iloilo?”. I said to her, nothing much, mostly just structures of old houses and churches. I paused a moment after I answered her, I asked myself, If the city offers nothing much, why did I choose to travel there anyway? Then I listed all the places I visited in this historic city and I ended up with tons of places. I’m happy to share these places with you.

Places I visited in Ilo-ilo City

Iloilo River Esplanadeimg_6306

During our visit, it was kinda raining. But even the weather was not good, the esplanade needs no effort to be appreciated. The place is romantic!

Molo Churchimage

Just beside Molo Plaza. It is also known as a Femenist Church.

Molo Mansion


During our visit. The house was under renovation so we weren’t able to tour.

Old Capitol Building


Free registration inside. If you like arts, you have to visit!

Calle real


I remember Colon Street in Cebu. The difference is that their old buildings are well maintained and very colorful.

Museo Iloilo


Got to know more about Panay Island and about Iloilo City. Also, they feature an artist here every month.

San  Jose Church


This near Plaza Libertad

Muelle loney

Belfry Tower


Jaro Cathedral


Casa Mariquit

(Photo Source)

Villa Lizares


Nelly Garden


We were not able to tour inside the house because it needs reservation. And I want to experience that, well maybe next time. For tours: Contact their phone number 320-3075 or Cellphone number 0908-883-8703 / 0905-495-5353

What else?


Tried La Paz Batchoy

I’m not into noodles but I can’t miss trying the best known delicacy in Ilo-ilo, The La Paz Batchoy. This noodle soup is made with round noodles, pork organs, chicken stock, beef loin, shrimp stock, and garnished with pork cracklings or chicharon. We tried this noodle at Central Market.

Visit Smallville

Tis place is just near the Iloilo Esplanade. You can find good dining here and we had a fancy Dinner wearing my sleeping outfit in Punot Restaurant.

Biscocho Haus

Never leave Iloilo without buying pasalubong in here!



Have you visited a place that brings you back to the old days? Where? Share your thoughts and comment below! I would love to hear them.

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