The moment I welcomed 2017, I told myself, ‘this will be a great year’. I was hoping a year of full of adventures, a lot of travels, and meeting new people. And now, the year is ending, I can finally say, it was an epic year for me. The things I hoped for was given to me more than what I actually hoped for. Including the unexpected things, the good and the bad, that I did not plan at all but I am still grateful for all those moments, especially the familiar and new people who made my 2017 extra especial.

Here are the summary and the highlights of my 2017.


Mt. Kan-irag

Sirao Peak

I met a friend from Shanghai, China. She volunteered on our Christmas is Jesus Campaign last 2016 but I only met her personally on January. We had an amazing moments together, we went to museums, attended a TedTalk, and the highlight was we climbed Sirao Peak or Mt. Kan-irag together on Chinese new year.




South Cebu

Met amazing people in February. We went to South Cebu together where we climbed Osmena Peak and took a quick swim in Obong Spring, Dalaguete.

Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa

I visited Mt. Naupa again with my friends, and my sister. I was pretty happy that we spent time together doing things she usually doesn’t  do. Though I did not make a blog post out of this hike, it was very special to me.

Hong Kong and Macau

This is one of the reasons I was looking forward for 2017, to experience my  first international travel. I was with my boyfriend, Hernan and we went to Hong Kong and Macau. I was really excited but not prepared because I am not really good in the preparation department. Nevertheless, our trip turned out amazing.



San Fernando, Cebu

I joined Cebu Bloggers Community (CBC) where we can share and collaborate our passion, blogging. CBC is a community-driven group formed to unite bloggers in Cebu under a collective purpose.

We went to Bacalla Woods Campsite located in San Fernando where we spent the night and hiked to Bugho Falls the next morning.

Luzon (Tagaytay, Laguna, Zambales)

Luzon is probably the part that I don’t visit often. Not sure if it is because it is more far or there are more places to explore in the South, but if I have the chance to visit the North I will surely grab it. Just like this wonderful occasion of love, we went to Tagaytay to attend my manager’s wedding day. After we spent our team building in Laresio located in Laguna. To make our visit more productive, we hiked to Mt. Pinatubo where we saw personally how this beautiful disaster turned out. Pretty beautiful if you’ll ask me.

Maybe next year I should visit the Northern part of  the Philippines more.




Surigao del Sur

On Holy week I went home to my hometown, Tandag. We had a beach party for my Lola’s birthday. Other days were spent on waterfalls, and beaches. It was my first time to go to Laswitan, it means splash. When the waves hit the rocks it creates a big splash and the water will create a waterfall effect on the rocks. During our visit the waves were not really that big, but still there were many people in the area.

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One of the most awaited family vacation we had. It was a quick and long holiday at the same time. Because we were trying to visit El Nido and Puerto Princesa in a span of 4 days. Whew! Proud to say that we did it!



The Fickle Feet's Footmarks: My 2017 Travel Year-End Review 1


I wrote in my planner that I want to try scuba diving this 2017. I failed to do that but I found myself a new hobby or maybe a sport that I can actually enjoy. It’s freediving. Our first class was in Moalboal and it was my first visit. I learned a lot from that class, and one of those is not to be afraid of the deep blue.



I still do not know why it took us a lot of time before visiting this place. The island was small but amazing. We had an amazing time together in just a span of 3 days.

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Back in Moalboal with our friends from Hong Kong. We went on an island hopping experience then tried the awesome canyoneering adventure. It was my second time, but it this time we had a different route than before. In 2015, it was still connected in Alegria but now it is only in Badian. Still a heart pumping experience.



Moalboal, Cebu


July was just a freedive month. We went to Kontiki and eventually to Uncle Mike’s Crib, both located in Lapu-Lapu where we mostly do our diving.

Also, once in a while we volunteer and go to mission day where we do catechism, and feeding to children. We also have talks with the youth and visit the elder in their respective homes. In case you want to volunteer, you can email me.



Carnaza Island

This month, freedive took over. It was more special because I got to enroll my sister in the basic course. It was our birthday gift to her.

Aside from that, I quit my  job. A terrible idea but it was the right one at that moment.

Me and my friends went to a remote island in Cebu called Carnaza Island. It was an epic getaway. It felt like we were on a different side of the world.



Tandag – Davao – Cotabato

Since I was out of my corporate job, I decided to go home and spend some time with my parents. We went to Samal Island in Davao then headed to Coatabato, mu father’s home.



Hanoi | The Fickle Feet

Singapore – Vietnam – Malaysia

I was with my boyfriend for two days in Singapore before I embarked on my solo travel.

Then, I went to Vietnam to volunteer as an English teacher in a homestay in Hanoi. I was alone and starving on my first day.

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After Vietnam, I went to Malaysia for 3 days. Here, I went on tourist mode alone. It was very challenging for me to navigate the places since I’m not good with maps. It has never been my cup of tea.




This island has always been my favorite place. I believe it has magic that you can only feel when you visit there.

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Bukidnon – Cagayan de Oro

Ending my year with a family trip. We went to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon then to Seven Seas Waterpark in Cagayan de Oro.

P.S blog post and vlogs coming soon. 🙂


Hope you had a wonderful year! Let’s welcome 2018 with a blast.

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